Section 75 for Course Payment?

Hi Guys I’m new to MSE and hope I’ve posted in the correct area.

I paid for a distance learning course online with my credit card in September 2018, all has been going well since, until yesterday I found out the training company has gone into administration.

I had paid £1300 at the beginning of the course, but since receiving the email yesterday I will no longer be able to carry on my studies or receive the qualification I’ve paid for even though I’m towards the end with a few months left to go.

Am I able to claim from MBNA under section 75 as I haven’t received the services I’ve paid for. I closed this credit card account last month.



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    You can try. Why not just ring up and ask them as the card was used for the course, though do remember S75 isn't a guaranteed refund, expect the process to be a while.

    Correct forum would be credit cards though
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  • I will try and give them a call on Monday thanks, I had read on the guides there isn't a specific time frame so hopefully, I might be to try and recover some of the money.
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