Injured dog - insurance exclusion?

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Hi all,

Our dog has recently sustained an injury, in that when she was jumping in the car, she mis-judged and fell back injuring her back leg.

We waited a little while and as it wasn't getting better we have taken her to the vets, she has been diagnosed as suffering a cruciate ligament injury requiring an operation at approx £2k.

We have always insured her, however, reading the finer details of the policy it states:

"you accept the policy will not insure:

any cruciate ligament problems, however caused (accident only)."

I'm unsure as to whether we are insured for the operation as the injury sustained was caused by an accident.

Any ideas?!


  • I think there is a list of coverage to the insurance. you should double check all the necessary details to avoid future problems. remember that insurance companies are rotten through the core.
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    That might be only if you have an 'accident only' policy. If yours is a policy that covers injuries and illness (i.e. not just an 'accident only' one) then you may be ok. They often use the same terms/policy info for both types. The only real way to find out is to give them a ring though.
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    Is that not if it occurs within the initial exclusion period and only if you have a policy that covers accidents only.

    for example Morethan state

    ]What isn't my pet covered for?

    When claims for a medical condition have reached the vet fees limit then payments will stop for that condition and it is excluded from future claims.

    Any changes you or your vet notice in the health or behaviour of your pet before this policy started.

    Any illnesses occurring within the first 14 days of your cover start date.

    Any accidents within the first 48 hours of your cover start date.

    Any treatment for cruciate ligament (within the knee) problems within the first 14 days of your cover start date will not be covered.

    Other exclusions apply

    If you tell us which company somebody can check the terms for you
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