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We are upgrading our kitchen from a Homebase one to a premium German brand.
The new kitchen is L shaped, has only 12 units and is a straight swap with the old kitchen eg no move of gas/electricity connections as the layout and appliances layout will remain exactly the same.
Each kitchen unit arrives already assembled (not flat packed) and ready to be fitted on the wall.
We received 2 quotes for the fitting - 1 from the kitchen company itself and one from a local builder. In the light of what we paid 5years ago to get a bigger Ikea kitchen installed in our previous house, for a fraction of the prices quoted, those quotes feel expensive. We live in a nice house / area of North London and I feel it influences the quote.
Here is the work quoted:
- remove existing kitchen (12 units) and dispose of
- fit new kitchen (12 units) and install new appliances
- fit backsplash (2x1m glass panel)
- add 1 socket for extractor hood
- move 1 socket by 10cm
- make good wall around kitchen

We were quoted £1800 & £2100 so far. The countertops will be fitted by another company, which we are paying separately.
When I look at the going rate for a joiner (£150-175) I am struggling to see how there’s 10days+ of work...

What do you think?
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  • andyhop
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    It’s a dry/basic fit. There is approx 5 days work and few visits afterwards connecting sink etc .

    A few hundred in disposal plus time for an electrician to install, test and certify.

    I’d say it’s actually cheap. London rates will easily be more than you estimate.
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  • phill99
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    If you genuinely think you can get a carpenter in London for less than £175 a day, you are very much mistaken.

    I pay my kitchen fitter £200 a day and I work mainly across Essex. So if you are in London, expect to pay £225 - £250 / day. Add his consumables - screws, plugs, mastic, caulk, jigsaw blades etc.

    You'll easily pay £200 to the electrician. A 4yd skip will come in at £250.

    So now you do the maths.
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  • boglehead
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    Thanks for the input guys. From reading your comment looks like the quotes aren’t as bad as I thought.
    I guess I didn’t realise labour cost had gone up that much in the past 5-6years (my salary clearly follow the same trajectory).
    Will get a 3rd quote and make a decision, then.
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    12/2012 - £893k (mortgage and toys loans)
    11/2019 - £556k (mortgage only)
  • Browntoa
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    I paid £1400 for fit only on a kitchen , skilled carpenter rather than jobbing builder so seems fair
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  • Dean000000
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    No to mention the plumber (and/or gas man) and electrician needed for the new socket and appliance changeover....

    Those are Both very reasonable prices.
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    we paid £900 all in to a chap the kitchen company recommended, but we did remove the old kitchen ourselves and sold it on ebay to a landlord for £250 and he collected it, but we are in yorkshire so labour prices are a bit cheaper up here, yours sounds ok for london

    you could save a bit of money by getting rid of the kitchen yourself just take it down to the local tip you may need a small van for this but it doable
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  • I've read from home advice guide, kitchen fitting could range up to £3500 good for a medium sized kitchen which includes electrical and plumbing work. But your summation was smaller then I think would go with your move. Could you disclose who are your kitchen fitters? Thanks!
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