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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I tell my friend he's underpaid me?

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Theatre, Concert & Events Tickets
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  • Why are you buying the tickets repeatedly when your friend isn't paying you back?!

    I wouldn't have done it again after the first time, tell him to pay up immediately and stop underpaying as you're fed up with it and don't consider that a thing a real friend would do!
  • tallgirldtallgirld Forumite
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    Yep! Just say
    "Thanks for the £25 but not sure if you realise it was actually £28 and this isn't the first time you have short changed me"

    Alternatively say nothing and never buy tickets for them again. Simple
  • BethPBethP Forumite
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    So your “friend” has underpaid you by £3.00?
    Was there a P&P charge as well?
    If so, split the P&P between you and next time you buy gig tickets for him/her, add the underpaid £3.00!

    Btw I like the app mentioned elsewhere on this thread where the app reminds pals of the amount they owe the organiser
  • He knows!

    Cut him loose, he is not your friend.
  • Paul_DNAPPaul_DNAP Forumite
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    He knows!

    Cut him loose, he is not your friend.

    Bit harsh. I'd go for politely reminding him of the actual price whenever he makes a payment. If he kicks up a fuss, then yeah, but him loose.
    (Although I could be wrong, I often am.)
  • I suspect as someone else said, it’s probably booking fee and postage and he’s just giving you ticket face value. I think you need to tell him but ideally at the time.
  • Actually, it isn't £, that is L.
    It IS $, which stands for Spain or Spanish.
  • shortcrustshortcrust Forumite
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    Some folk just can’t help themselves. I know people who’d do this and would make you feel really rubbish if you asked for the remaining 3 quid. They’d probably bring it up quite often - “Oh make sure you give Shortcrust the right amount! Be a tragedy if it was three pounds short. Only kidding! You take things so seriously...!”

    Hmmm. I minimise my contact with them. Primarily for their safety and my liberty.
  • crmismcrmism Forumite
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    There's no reason why you should be left out of pocket, so as your friend is clearly sponging on you, don't say anything - do something instead, such as paying only for your tickets, leaving your friend to get his own.

    Another option is available if you don't like the thought of that. Simply ask your friend for the right money plus, say, 20% to allow for last-minute changes to the price, and make sure you get it before you order his or her ticket.

    That way, you should recover the shortfalls.
  • GrespGresp Forumite
    37 posts
    As usual, not enough information.

    Does the price include a booking/admin fee? If so, is he aware if this?

    Does he contribute in any other way (e.g. driving you to these gigs)?

    What have you actually agreed with him?
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