How to object interim charging order ?

Hi, I would appreciate any advice and help and how to object interim charging order and what I could use as an objection in my case to stop final order to be made against my house. Here is my complicated story:

Few days ago I received notifications for interim charging order from the County Court which for my husband's debts and it's against my house. I also received notice of restriction against the land from Land Registry.

I have joined mortgage with my husband. We bought the house in 2008. While we were living together we split bills and payments between us. My husband was paying mortgage only and me rest of everything, bils, food, council tax, insurances ect. In 2010 he quit his job and never work in UK since then. My husband claimed benefits after he quilt his job but because he gave them wrong information he was overpaid over £6000. They found it out after me and my husband alredy separated and because he doesn't pay anything back they made me to pay half of it as when he was claiming benefits we were living as family.

In 2012 when postman handle to me a final warning that our house could be repossessed I found out that he didn't pay mortgage for sometime and already made arrears of £3000. Since then I set up direct debit for mortgage on my account and paid off arrears. We then separated but he was keep living in the house till 2013 because he had no money and where to go. In 2013 he moved to another country. He did not contribute into house for number of years. I applied for divorce and after I've got decree nisi I was trying to get consent order done for the property through my solicitor. At first my husband signed the consent order but it was refused by judge because he thought it unfair on my husband. I then realised that solicitor made some mistake and did not add all information to the order that I provided. After solicitor prepared another consent order with all information and sent it to my husband to sign, he stopped responsing to any emails and correspondence from my solicitor. My solicitor said that nothing I can do about that but apply to the court so they decide on the property and it would be cost around £2500. On that stage I couldn't do anything as I don't have that amount of money and already spent £2000 for consent order and divorce. Also I could not apply for decree absolute as my solicitor said that agreement for the property must be done before apply for decree absolute.

As I said before unfortunately my mortgage still on joint names and I'm not been able to remove his name just yet. I also was trying to transfer my mortgage on sole name but was refused by bank because my salary not good enough for them, despite the fact that I was paying my mortgage for years with no delays also paid off arrears that my husband did.

Since 2013 I was living in my house with my daughter but in 2014 my new partner moved in and then his two children 15 and 8 years old who have settled their local schools.

I made a lot of improvements to my house and spent a lot of money if it makes any sense.

I am devastated and tired to suffer from all this stress for years as I don't really know if my husband has other debts anywhere and if they wouldn't come as more unpleasant surprises in future.
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