Halifax clarity card - why the interest hike during application process?

I applied through M S E today as my saga card is going redundant end of March. The promo on M S E shows interest rate from 18.9%Apr. I did the pre app check on M S E which have me a 95% chance of getting accepted. Half way through the application it tells me it will be 24.9 Apr! I have a fixed secure income own my own home no mortgage, Noddel reference agency tells me I have an almost perfect credit rating and telephone call to Halifax tells me they can't or won't tell me why the higher Apr offer only to say maybe I haven't got enough debts!. I only asked for £1500 credit to use on holidays abroad
Can anyone enlighten me what I did wrong? Thumbs down for Halifax


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    If you have no cc debt it can sometimes be a bad thing..........we have no cc debt but couple of times a year will use one for a couple of months paying off in full just to keep them active
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    I don't think its a case of what you did wrong, well there is 1 thing you have done wrong, your credit rating is only seen by you, lenders etc see your credit history.

    Here for other travel cards

    Or here for the eligibility checker
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    It sounds as if you have a thin file, and therefore are higher risk.

    If you're clearing in full each month, even with overseas spend, the APR is largely irrelevant.

    If you're not, it's another reason you've been given the higher APR.
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    Sorrento wrote: »
    The promo on M S E shows interest rate from 18.9%Apr.
    APR doesn't matter if you intend to pay in full by the due date.

    Cash advances excepted.
  • Sorrento
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    Thanks to everyone who replied - much appreciated
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