Squirt bottles: save on dishwashing liquid!

I save plastic squirt bottles from hair colouring for other uses. About a month ago, I poured dishwashing liquid in one. We have only used up half the bottle. We used to go through a whole litre of detergent every two months or so. Yesterday, my husband said he couldn't believe how slowly we've gone through the detergent. At this rate, we'll use a litre in about 8-10 months!
And, the nozzle on the end also allows for more accurate targeting on your dishes/pots. I'm now looking into what else I can use the bottles for.


  • I think you should learn the basic skill of washing dishes, our low tech fairy bottle 250ml last ages. We just put a bit on a sponge and rub the dishes with it. You usage with the squirter sounds astronomical lol
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    My bottle of dishwasher gunk lasts ages.

    But then I use my dishwasher most of the time ;)
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    even cheaper... the dog licks ours clean... ;)
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    The missus bought some of the fairy non scented stuff and I poured in in an old Carex dispenser and peeled the label off.

    We found the same as we can't get rid of the bloody stuff! :rotfl:
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    vacheron wrote: »

    The lives of the super rich.:p I repurposed some 'own brand' soap dispenser, but the results are the same.

    Only started after I read on MSE somewhere about manufacturers increasing the size of the nozzle on WUL bottles, so your normal 'squeeze' would result in more liquid being used.

    I'm probably down to about 2 bottles a year now, maybe less.
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    6 months into a 450ml bottle of fairy liquid. Didn't decant. Interesting to hear manufacturers are enlarging the nozzles!!
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    Going back to your first comment about the squirty bottles I use them for dilute zoflora disinfectant. Handy for squirting into the overflow of sinks and basins and around toilet pan when I've finished cleaning them.
    I also use a hand soap dispenser for washing up liquid but dispense onto a washing up sponge. A couple of squirts is usually enough.
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