Which washing machine do you buy?

I have absolutely no experience or insight of buying washing machines, however I use our current one regularly (thanks to the all too regular vomit from our 1 year old darling daughter).

I'm about to move house and need a new washer! I'm looking at the 5 year warranty, good reviews and 10% off for these LG machines from Curry's, but trying to decide between them is leaving me clueless as to what I would be best going for. I'm sure any of the 3 are good purchases, but if the decision was in your hands, is there anything between the specs that jumps out to sway your choice? It's just the 3 of us and we use a 7kg which seems to do enough for what we need.

Any advice is much appreciated, this decision will be cleaning our soiled, sicky clothes for hopefully years to come! :)





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