Plusnet Fibre Contract

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I took out an 18 month contract with Plusnet for their 66mb fibre broadband. I am now about 14 months into the contract and I have received an email from them to say that they have just discovered that I was only given the 38mb Fibre broadband in error.

They say that they will rectify the error within 10 days and refund me the difference between what I was supposed to receive and what I actually received.

I’m not sure if that is sufficient to compensation for them not fulfilling the contract that I paid for.

I’m just looking for options on this.


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    Sounds fine to me.
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    To be honest you rarely ever notice the difference between 38Mbps and the up to 76Mb speed in normal internet use; the only real noticeable effect is downloading whopping great files that take half as long.

    You'll probably find the basic contract agreement is you pay them money and they'll provide you with an internet service to the best of their ability. The fact they spotted the issue and are going to refund you automatically is good, you could easily have had no internet at all. The fact you haven't noticed for 14 months that you've been on the wrong package suggests you didn't need anything faster than 38Mb anyway. Yet I bet you if you had noticed you'd have been on here like a shot saying "I've been charged for 66Mb but they've only given me 38Mb they should give the difference back" - and that's what they're doing.
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    I mostly surf around on a Plusnet 11mb contract. I ve measured it at less than 1 mb yet I can continue to surf as usual, albeit a touch slow, like the old days of dial up... The most it gets to is 6 mb and every page loads almost instantly. Problem appears when I try and upload a short 2 minute video to Youtube..It took approx 3 and a half hours.
    I watch Netflix (not in 4k but hi-def ) occasionally and it is fine on less than 6 mb.. 66mb is overkill and not needed for a small household with only one or two users. Grab Plusnets cash if they want to repay you something
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    More compo then you need to quantify your losses and thats impossible .
    As others have said you did not see anything wrong and where able to use the service.
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