Why over 50's thread.

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    Dandytf wrote: »
    111 views and not one description of over 50's thread advantages.

    I think it is just a pointer to the type of topics being discussed that don't have a niche elsewhere on the boards. I also don't think that it is a title meant to exclude those under 50. For me it is a source of information and information sharing with some helpful comments.
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    What I'm trying to do is think ahead with <5 years to reach 50.
    Some useful comments already such as' Most have to wait until state pension kicks in'
    With my small pensions across two jobs, I've no doubt I'll need the state pension.
    There's; always been a few verbal suggestions not via these forums that maybe I should consider using any equity from my 1 bedroom flat -though that as I understand would be from 55+ (when I hope to have mortgage paid)
    Thanks mser's -nice tip that I didn't use 'Board' in my original post heading -oops no offence intended. A few positive comments as well, let's me know I can continue to view these boards and hopefully gain some.later years knowledge..
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