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DVLA Medical enquiries taking forever

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DVLA Medical enquiries taking forever

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quinqquinq Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Disability Money Matters
Hi hi,

I posted this in the motoring forum too but i think people here might have more experience/advice/commiserate more

So i've been driving for a few years, then i had a spinal cord injury resulting in partial paralysis of my legs. My car was fitted with hand controls, my doctors agreed i was safe to drive, we wrote to the DVLA and off I went.

It's been a year and a half, and they still havent confirmed they agree i'm safe to drive. they keep sending me questionnaires to fill in - neurological disorder questionnaire, mental health questionnaire, eyesight...... all things i don't have an issue with. i'm otherwise healthy. i keep phoning up and explaining, and they always say to fill in the form as best i can and return it with a covering letter explaining that i don't have a condition of that type. this had been going on for months and months, and finally 4 months ago i phoned up and they said that my case was "with a manager" but refused to give me even a rough guess as to how long it'd take.

given i don't have ID while all this is going on it's quite annoying, even though i'm allowed to drive, but i'm worried about how they're interpreting my condition. I have one symptom: lack of feeling and control of my legs. my upper body is fine, i have no upper body issue, i drive with my hands and i'm as safe as any other driver. after all this though, i'm worried they don't believe that and are gonna revoke my licence. I get that they have to investigate thoroughly, but this is so frustrating! i'm safe to drive, all my doctors agree and can't see any reason this should be so complicated.

can anyone offer any advice?



  • _shel_shel Forumite
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    Only thing I can say is it's not you or your condition. They take forever with everyone, there's a couple of threads on here about it.

    I have epilepsy and it took a year to decide I could drive when I had a break in my seizures. 3 months later I had another day time seizure so not allowed to drive again.
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  • quinqquinq Forumite
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    Well more than a year later I did finally get a new licence from them..... for 1 year. The process took around 3 years from declaring my disability to getting a new licence from them! for a very simple disability as well! At least I can keep driving after the year while they reassess me again for another 3 years, since my doctors all agree it's safe
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