Check your student prime membership!

Hi all I just tried to claim a discount for student prime members on an item in Amazon and found out I was on standard prime at twice the cost.

They refunded me and I tried to sign up again and the same thing happened. They refunded me again and at this point i'm thinking i'm an idiot. I then followed a link they had given me by email that was supposed to take me directly to student prime and it took me to the same page with full price prime.

On the bottom of the amazon prime page it says "are you a student? check out student amazon prime." When you click on this link it takes you back to the top of the same full price prime page.

What I didn't realized is that they've pulled their online student prime page.

I only realized when I rang Amazon back and this time i'm told they have a dedicated student prime team and the only way to now get student prime was to go through them and provide documentation and it couldn't be done online anymore.

I signed up in November 2018 so who knows how long their student prime links have been going back to the full student prime page.

If you signed up for student prime online check your membership type would be my advice.


  • That's worrying, I always thought I was on the student prime - did you just call them up to fix it?
  • I'm sure they are in the process of changing the whole system again? As they now have an offer where you get 6 months free and then it's £3.99 a month thereafter. When I was a student it was just free prime for a whole year and then the full price after that. You may have been in the same position and already used your free trial and so had to pay the full amount after?

    Contact them again to find out, otherwise, it would be worth it to create a new account and get the 6 months free and 3.99 a month. Much cheaper than the 7.99 monthly cost of general Prime.
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    Just checked my son's account and it is fine.


    Is it an issue with new signups? I seem to recall it took a day or two to sign him up but when verified it was all done seamlessly.
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