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New Zealand Heritage entry to UK National Trust properties

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New Zealand Heritage entry to UK National Trust properties

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BH246BH246 Forumite
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I believe you are still able to join the New Zealand heritage and the membership will allow you free entry to most UK National Trust properties. It is a considerably cheaper option especially if you don't use it that often. I understand it does not include parking so that needs to be built into costings and is important depending on the number of properties you wish to visit annually


  • Excellent if you take a couples membership and want to visit a National Trust property 6 to 8 times a year you will be quids in even allowing for parking. If you are going to visit 10 times then you are better off with a normal National Trust membership as the parking charges will mount up.
  • I have looked at the New Zealand Heritage website. The subscriptions are much cheaper but you are liable to car parking charges at the National Trust properties. I agree with above calculation for a couple visiting properties up to 8 times a year it is a really good deal. I shall be joining via the New Zealand Heriage web site later this week.
  • Yes the New Zealand Heritage is an excellent option if it is for limited use, As already stated you have to pay for car parking each time you visit a National Trust property. I prefer the Scottish National Trust option which is again cheaper than the English one but it does include car parking. That is the one i have joined for the past few years as I use it quite a lot even though I live in England
  • Entry to English National Trust properties on a single trip works out to be very expensive. If you purchase your membership through the Scottish National Trust or the New Zealand heritage it is much better value. The English National Trust who do a terific job, then maybe will get visitors who may not go because of the price. They will benefit by visitors purchasing food and drink and in the case of New Zealand Heritage car parking income.Look at the respective web sites and see which is the best for you.
  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    Is there not a longstanding thread here on this..?
  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    Yes the New Zealand Heritage is an excellent option if it is for limited use, As already stated you have to pay for car parking each time you visit a National Trust property......

    No, You only have to pay for parking if you visit a property that charges for parking!

    And your NZ membership includes associated membership of English Heritage as well as NT!
  • deanosdeanos Forumite
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    not all NT places charge parking i paid only twice last year , and as mentioned you also get entry to EH sites as well , not been charged parking on there sites
  • It works for me. I joined the New Zealand Heritage last year and have had no problem using my card to gain admission to National Trust properties. There are one or two exception like Wakehurst in Sussex where they are not accepted but you can verify before you visit any of the properties/gardens.I probably have been to about 8 National Trust sites in the past year and it has worked out to be a cheaper option for me, especially as not everywhere charges for car parking. If you intend to use it for 10 or more visits then it is dubious whether the New Zealand Heritage route will be the most cost effective course to take. Maybe the Scottish National Trust woud then be a cheaper option as this does include car parking and still works out cheaper the English National Trust subscription. If you decide to join thenEw zealand heritage it will take a few weeks before you receive all your documentation,.
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    NicksTheManNicksTheMan Forumite
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    edited 3 April 2019 at 4:18PM
    We joined the New Zealand Heritage as a couple early in 2018 and have save pounds. We probably made about 9 visits to National Trust properties last year and not all had car parking charges. The English National Trust still benefited, as we purchased food and drinks on most of my visits. Remember if joining the New Zealand Heritage it can take about 3 weeks to receive your documentation as it is sent out by post. We have now renewed for another year. The subscription charges can vary slightly, as it is calculated in New Zealand Dollars, and is therefore dependent on the Exchange Rate against Sterling at the time of applying.
  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
    40.4K posts
    Massive price rises in effect from today for non NZ residents wanting to join the NZ heritage trust makes it no longer a viable proposition.

    Also no concessions for pensioners joining from today from outside NZ
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