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Should the clocks have gone back? Poll discussion/results

Poll ran between 13 - 19 Nov 2007: Should the clocks have gone back? Results

It’s been a couple of weeks since the clock went back heralding earlier evening darkness. There’s been much debate on whether we should adopt Central European Time; meaning later winter sunrises, but also an extra hour of daylight in the evening. There’s always a lot of talk on the impact on Scotland as it's more northerly, so I’ve split out Scottish MoneySavers to see if geography makes a difference.

Which of these is closest to your view?

A. Don't put the clocks back. I'd rather an extra hour in the afternoon. 77% (4839 votes)
B. Put the clocks back. I prefer morning light. 16% (1023 votes)
C. Don't put them back (I'm Scottish). I'd rather an extra hour in the afternoon. 5% (331 votes)
D. Put them back (I'm Scottish). I prefer morning light. 3% (200 votes)

Total Votes: 6319

This vote has now ended, but you can still discuss below.



  • Yes the clocks should definitely stay as they are now GMT
    Its safer for the kids coming home from school (theres not so many perves out in the morning) they're still in bed after being up all night on the internet
    You have to move with the times
    Don't push me cos i'm close to the edge!:mad:

    Anything posted on here by me is my opinion and my opinion only.......... allegedly lol ;)
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    This was trialled in the late 1960s and was very successful. Most people felt it was a better way of doing things - apart from two main groups, the Scots and the farmers.

    Oddly, these two groups carried a lot of weight in parliament (and probably still do) so the experiment was scrapped.

    Most people would rather have the extra hour's light at the end of the day, it's been shown to reduce road accidents (particularly schoolchildren), and yet we're still stuck with putting the clocks back to please the Scots and the farmers!
  • wonkowonko Forumite
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    Every year about this time the same old academic debate arises, should we go to CET as opposed to GMT? This is normally driven by a couple of deluded career frustrated back bench MP’s who think that they may derive fame and fortune from spearheading a campaign for more daylight.

    How tragic. The hours of available daylight will remain as they are and this is or should be, more properly declared a debate on do we want it to be just about getting light about 09:00 in the mornings in December and dark about 17:00 as such, do we want to be able to go to work in the dark and come home in the, well, dark as well?

    Or should we let be and be and allow the majority of school children travel to/from school in some daylight?

    I’ve heard (unsubstantiated) arguments about Scottish farmers who apparently, want the ‘extra’ daylight but they have been farming quite well up there in hours of darkness for many decades now, presumably as a result of the lights on there machinery and this is a typical ‘hypothetical argument’ postured in an attempt to distort the views of southerners who make up the majority and who also happen to live in the South. Thus, making an overwhelming majority if it comes to any referendum.

    Granted, not many people like the dark evenings, myself included but I am advised by ROSPA that the majority of accidents occur in the mornings when folks are still a little sleepy and travelling. Compound this with additional darkness and yes, this sounds like a great idea!

    I recall in the early ‘70’s a social experiment was carried out with regard to daylight and hours and although I was quite young at the time to recall all of the details, I do recall being issued as was every school child, a florescent orange and yellow arm band to wear travelling to and from school. If memory servers, one of the overwhelming reasons for retaining GMT is that studies such as those suggested a significant rise in child/road related accidents and deaths by moving to CET.

    Whilst almost every child is now cocooned in a 4X4 for the same deadly journey and clearly social patterns have changed over the past 30 years or so. However, I fail to appreciate the argument that children’s lives and welfare should be placed at risk across the country NOT just in Scotland because we don’t happen to ‘like’ something.
  • CCCeleCCCele Forumite
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    Not all Scots live in Scotland. And not everyone in Scotland is a Scot.
  • I am old enough to remember when CET was first trailed. It was a failure! Most of the population were extremely grateful when the government restored GMT.

    Those of you who are old enough to remember when CET was first trailed and have voted in favour of CET must be suffering from long term memory loss whilst those of you who were not on this planet when CET was first trailed have no practical experience of it only a misguided perception of it’s benefits.
    ;)Do It To Them Before They Do It To You ;)
  • I guess it would make driving a little more safe, although there are millions of people who know better than I do 'cos they keep telling me.
  • This argument is started every year. It is safer up here for our school children for the clocks to go back. I live in Scotland, but I am not Scottish, I am American, but I lived with the clocks going back every year all my life and it works well and is a lot safer. It helps our farmers as well. It makes traffic safer and for my entertainer friends it is safer as well. I still say turn the clocks back for safety.
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  • It is madness. Today there may be clocks on your central heating system, your cooker, your fridge, your radio, your DVD player - you know the list, a few may reset automatically, but don't forget the spare watch in the bedroom drawer. The time taken to change clocks (and timetables) is a non-productive drain on society. Perhaps it was only a minor inconvenience when every home had just one clock in the hall that needed to be regularly synchronised with BBC chimes anyway. Today it is lunacy.

    Changing time is a significant cost for every local business, and it is an enormous cost for every global business. Jet-lag is a real drain too. We force the whole country to endure an hour's jet-lag twice a year.

    Generally lights are on for longer in the evening than the morning. On average we surely spend more waking hours before work than after work. It's the same for entertainment - the afternoon kickoffs today will all need expensive floodlights next week. So in terms of energy usage and carbon footprints and global warming and best aligning daylight with peaks in human activity, we should keep brighter evenings.

    But I have no great prejudice either way - so long as it is fixed as soon as possible. But as a positive suggestion, the UK should stay on BST all year - call it British Standard Time and leave it there.
  • Where does the argument about kids going home from school in the dark hold any water? Schools finish no later than 3.45 so the kids are all at home by the time it goes dark. The real danger is with dark mornings when half asleep motorists are trying to peer through partly iced over windscreens - you know the wannabe sailor type who look through a porthole at the front of the car -and never bother with clearing the ice or mist off the side windows. Mornings are already the most dangerous time on the roads. Keeping BST would increase the accident rate even further. By the way I live in the south of England so I'm not siding with the Scottish argument
  • This argument is started every year. It is safer up here for our school children for the clocks to go back. I live in Scotland, but I am not Scottish, I am American, but I lived with the clocks going back every year all my life and it works well and is a lot safer. It helps our farmers as well. It makes traffic safer and for my entertainer friends it is safer as well. I still say turn the clocks back for safety.

    Don't mean to sound thick, but how does it help the farmers?

    Could they not just start everything an hour later, if the clocks didn't go back?

    Couldn't they start a 7am instead of 6am (or whatever)?
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