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Cracked Shower Tray


I moved into a new build home in August 2017 built by Persimmon. Over the weekend I noticed a crack in my en-suite shower tray. The tray is a Mira Flight built on top of a riser.
I can't post links but for reference it is the mira-flight-rectangle-1000-x-760-4-upstands and mira-flight-riser-conversion-kit-flush-fit-1200-rectangle

A circular indent has appeared in the centre of the tray and a crack has started to appear around a quarter of the circle with another crack running off that circle to the edge of the tray.

I phoned Persimmon as they are responsible for repairs for the first 2 years. Their representative immediately started pointing to where the two cracks meet and started saying accidental damage, not our issue.

I haven't dropped anything in the shower and it seems unlikely to me that something heavy has been dropped right on the edge of the circle.

It is a lot of work to repair because the shower tray has a lip that the plaster board is built on top of that is then tiled so I can see why Persimmon are trying to get out of doing this repair. I am wondering how to fight this when the builder is denying responsibility to repair the issue?


  • andyhopandyhop Forumite
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    It’s pretty impossible to break a Mira flight. Sounds more like a defect.

    We have in the past removed with lump hammers and they just bounce off!
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  • spadooshspadoosh Forumite
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    As a temporary fix you can buy white gaffer tape, should stop any water seeping through.

    Youre at the prove it stage. So try and prove you didnt damage it. Id start by looking closely st the shower tray to see if theres any movement at all when standing on it.

    Ours cracked after the other half slipped and fell on it. The actual reason it cracked though is because i fitted it badly, there was movement which allowed for pressure spots on the stone tray which subsequently cracked when she put pressure on them. But i cant admit that to her or shell stop me doing DIY so ive had to let her think its because shes weighty :o
  • tacpot12tacpot12 Forumite
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    It sounds like something heavy has been dropped onto the tray. The circular indent seems to indicate this. With most manufacturing defects, you would get cracks, but no indent, however if the defect was a void within the tray, the weight of a person (probably their heel) might punch through into the void.

    You won't know until you get the tray out and send it away to Mira, so I think you need to discuss with Persimmon a cost sharing arrangement where you and they cover the cost of getting the tray out, and if it turns out to be a manufacturing defect, Mira (and perhaps Persimmon) should pay to reinstate a new shower tray, if there is no defect, you'll have to pay to have it put back.
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  • phill99phill99 Forumite
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    spadoosh wrote: »
    As a temporary fix you can buy white gaffer tape, should stop any water seeping through.

    Rubbish. Gaffer tape is not waterproof.
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