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    i don't really know why people have flocked away from tsb.
    yes they have had several glitches. but most have been rectified quickly. any charges have been covered. generous compensation has been awarded and current account interest rates raised too.

    A lot of people would prefer constant and stable access to their money, rather than occasionally being cut off then being compensated afterwards.

    Also, it kind of hints they are a very poorly managed company with shoddy IT systems and sloppy governemce. Which makes you question whether you should be keeping your money there.

    For me, I wouldn't bother. I want my bank to work all the time and reliably. There are lots of times where, a hundred quid or so wouldn't anywhere near compensate for losing access to my money.
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    Some people have still got stacks and stacks of the 5% accounts haven't they?

    And I mean LOTS more than 2 or 3.

    You'd think if TSBs IT was any good at all a simple database search would flush them out
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    Only the interest rate keeps me.
    I feel cheated I didn't get any compensation for the outages, but then it didn't affect me in any way.

    The moment Starling pays a half decent interest rate, I'm gone.
    But they're gaining users without so I suspect they won't bother.
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