Mobile phone insurance company charging me after I made a claim (phone stolen)


Just wondering if anyone can help.

I was paying for insurance on my mobile phone which was stolen. I put in a claim and the company replaced my phone. After this the insurance company continued to take payments from my account for the phone which they know I'm no longer in possession of and I did not apply for insurance on the new phone.

Does anyone know if I have a case to reclaim these payments or should I have cancelled the insurance myself even though I had made the claim to say the phone was stolen? It seems weird that they would assume that I still want insurance cover on a phone which I no longer have.

Any help would be appreciated.



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    Have you contacted the insurance company to establish if it's been a simple error and the direct debit wasn't cancelled correctly? They may be able to reimburse you if that is the case.

    Alternatively they may have carried on the insurance policy to cover the replacement phone that they provided you. Unless you specifically advised them you no longer wanted insurance for the new phone then that may be the reason.
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