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So where SHOULD I sell my ticket?

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collingtoncollington Forumite
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Ok - I'm in a pickle. We bought Harry Potter tickets but now can't use them. The theatre won't take them back but when I look at all the ticket reselling websites (stubhub, viagogo, etc) they all have shocking reviews and dodgy histories. To make things worse, I only have an e-Ticket which I can transfer, but it means I don't have a physical ticket to sell which stubhub requires. I'm just not sure what to do now as I've asked all my family and friends and no one wants them. It's a 'hot' show so I'm sure I'd have no trouble selling them if I could actually list them somewhere. Anyone have any tips/ideas??

Thank you!


  • BookWormBookWorm Forumite
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    The website says:

    Subject to availability, you may exchange your tickets to an alternative date any time up to 48 hours prior to the day of the performance. Your ticketing partner will charge a service fee of £2.50 for each ticket that is exchanged. All tickets in the booking have to be exchanged at the same time.

    Would that be possible for you? Appreciate it's spending more money, but seems a better option than losing out on cost and/or missing entirely
  • collingtoncollington Forumite
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    BookWorm that was SO kind of you to look that up! I would prefer to sell them, rather that reschedule, as I want to put the money towards this trip I hadn't budged for. They can sell them again, but they just do it on the night and if they don't sell you don't get the money ... so I was hoping to find a way to definitely sell them ahead of time. Oh well. Still trolling friends, family and now co-workers! Wish me luck!
  • mgdavidmgdavid Forumite
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    Facebook local group?
    Nextdoor local group?
    The questions that get the best answers are the questions that give most detail....
  • Twickets! Only allows you to post at face value or less. I have sold tickets on here before with no problem.
  • Holy_MollyHoly_Molly Forumite
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    Another Twickets fan, sold my Tim Minchen tickets via that website last year which Tim himself recommends, they aren't rip off touts selling.  Alternatively, there are several theatre groups on Facebook you could try, or have a look at Pro Board Theatre Board (google it), it's a very busy, very informative theatre site.  
    As a matter of interest (no, sorry, seen it already) do you have a ticket for both parts of the Harry Potter play, or just one?  You should, for transparency reasons, let prospective buyers know if it's part 1 or part 2 or both  
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