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We’re struggling at the moment with the huge volumes of messages we’re getting from Forumites about coronavirus and the impact it’s having on their finances. We’re a small team, with limited resources, but we’re doing our best to manage this spike in demand.

At this time, please note the Charities Board should only be used by registered charities and not include personal posts. I’m afraid we will have to delete any posts that aren’t from a registered charity. If you are facing personal financial difficulties at the moment, please use MSE’s coronavirus guides – they contain all the info we have and are constantly being updated:
Coronavirus Help & Your Rights * Coronavirus Travel Rights

which charity

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worried123worried123 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Charities
I know this sounds very strange but i just need to know.....does anybody know which charity (and this is one that posts the plastic bag and say they are coming back to collect your donation of unwanted items) you what looks like a sort of crystal thing...almost like a small door knob (i know this sounds mad) as a thank you maybe...its in a small white box....

i posted the full story in the wrong section...i put it in small biz and charities or something.....and cannot bring myself to type the whole story again...

thank you very much
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