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Healthy food delivery?


I am looking for a restaurant/shop that can deliver fresh healthy food at night.

Most takeaway/delivery options are burgers or kebab that are disgusting and come with extremely fattening and unhealthy chips.

I am looking for dishes like meat with salad of chickpeas, lentils or beans (good beans, not the canned ones that are full of sugar), sauted aubergines or other vegetables etc and generally salads that are very decent that you see in a salad bar of a healthy restaurant.

By the way, I hate indian and asian food, it's mostly sweet.

Are there any deliveries like that with normal prices (eg not £15 for a dish that I get in the local turkish shop of one small skewer of meat).

I am looking for something like that in London and honestly, I will plan to move at their delivery area if they are what I am looking for!

The restaurant at work has excellent quality and variety with more than 10 options from the salad bar, nice grilled chicken seasoned, not the dry untasty you get from your local chip shop, tuna/salmon at not extortionate prices, etc.

I am looking for nice healthy, but very tasty food, at reasonable prices and with plenty of options, and also that I can replace chips/rice with legumes.

Is there anything like that? It's so simple, chicken with lentils or beef with chickpeas and a bit of nice tomato sauce or just olive oil and seasonings, but there is no such thing in takeaways!


  • Prinzessilein
    Maybe not exactly the answer you were hoping for....but it sounds like home-cooking would suit your needs best!

    If you phone in and order to a take-away, and then wait for delivery , it would be probably 15-20 minutes minimum for your food to arrive - plenty of time to cook from fresh!

    You could have the a slowcooker on while you are at work, cooking beans/lentils in a tasty sauce...just need to grill/fry your chicken or beef when you get in...saut!ed aubergine can be done really quickly and easily...salmon or fresh tuna can be wrapped in a paper parcel - with lots of healthy shredded veg..and baked in the oven in under 20 minutes.
  • z1a
    z1a Posts: 2,522 Forumite
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    "By the way, I hate indian and asian food, it's mostly sweet."
    India is in Asia you know?

    I eat a lot of Indian, and I can assure you that what I get is definitely not sweet.

    There is a Lebanese takeaway about 10 miles from me that I occasionally use, nearly all their food is flame grilled & there are a lot of healthy options. See if there is something similar near you.
  • Dox
    Dox Posts: 3,116 Forumite
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    As you say, answering your own question, there is no such thing in takeaways.

    Learn to cook instead of wasting (y/our) time posting here.
  • antrobus
    antrobus Posts: 17,386 Forumite
    I'm perplexed by the OP.

    They persist in starting threads about takeaways in the 'Going Out Deals' forum.

    They can't even make themselves a salad.

    They don't seem to understand that supermarkets these days sell a wide variety of ready meals including prepared salads. Surely they are capable of anticipating hunger and stocking up in advance?

    Some supermarkets will even deliver if you're too darn lazy or incapable of actually going to the store.
  • baza52
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    try Just-Eat they have a very wide selection
  • ArchibaldE
    ArchibaldE Posts: 34 Forumite
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     Unless you live in London this is not much of a thing around the UK- gap in the market perhaps?
  • lisyloo
    lisyloo Posts: 29,726 Forumite
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    What about a chicken kebab?
    grilled chicken, salad and pitta bread
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