Universal Credit Work Group and Mental Health

I have been out of work for over a year due to my mental health condition. I am now ready to go back to work, however as advised by my Doctor I must take small steps (part time, only doing work I feel comfortable doing).

I started claiming Universal Credit two months ago. I gave them my fit note and told them that I want to work again. At first I thought they were understanding however I think may be in the wrong work group. I was told I am in the intensive work group so I need to be looking for full time work. I have also been told to attend a youth obligation workshop where they help you write a CV and tell you ways to look for work.

My problem is that I’m not stupid. I have a CV which has already been approved. I worked for over a year in hospitality so I have experience. I can’t simply go back into full time work or apply for any job otherwise my mental health could deteriorate again. I don’t think they understand this.

Should I visit my Doctor again or call Universal Credit? Am I in the right work group? Just to be clear I want to work but I am very specific about what I can and can’t do during this moment in time. I wouldn’t be eligible for ESA related Universal Credit.


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    Handing in a fit note from your GP doesn't automatically entitle you to Limited capability for work. Some work coaches will require you to do less hours of job searches, very few turn them off completely. If you can't cope with the amount that's asked of you then you need to speak to your work coach.

    There's no such thing as ESA related UC.

    You need to be referred for a work capability assessment by your work coach. Once this is done you'll be sent the work capability assessment form (UC50 form) you'll need to fill this in and return it with all your evidence to support your claim. They very rarely contact anyone for any evidence. The onus is on you to make sure it's sent.

    Once they receive the form a face to face assessment will most likely be needed and you'll need to attend one of their assessment centres. During this assessment you'll be assessed on your ability to do any type of work and you'll be asked questions about how your conditions affect you.

    After the assessment a report will be returned to DWP and a decision maker will make a decision based on the recommendations in the report. Usually they go with the report, it's rare to go against it.

    If the decision is LCWRA then all work requirements will be turned off and you'll receive an extra £328 per month in your UC payment paid from the 4th month of your claim from when you sent in your first fit note.

    LCW doesn't pay any extra money. If you are placed in this group, you will be expected to prepare for a move into work, additional work, or better paid work. Actions to get ready for work could include attending training courses, preparing a CV or taking part in the Work Programme. You will not be required to take steps to apply for or take up work as a condition of your claim.

    If you're found fit for work then you'll be placed into the all work requirements group and you'll be expected to look for work for 35 hours per week.

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    You also need to attend youth obligations as its a mandatory programme for 18-21 year olds.

    Failure to attend will result in loss of benefits.

    Forgot to add though that if you have a fit note, they can give you an easement during the period it covers.
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