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I need NEW BRAKE PADS. Cheapest place to get?

in Motoring
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I own a FORD KA s reg (terrble isn't it? lol )
I have recenty noticed a scraping sound which seems to signal the death of the brakes.
Just wondering if anyone could reccomend the cheapest place to get this work done. I ventured into Quick Fit today and nearly ended up having a heart attack when they told me it would cost near on £160 surely thats a rip off.
I live in NOTTINGHAM by the way
Please HELP :(
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    Hello R4pture

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  • Thats a total rip-off. I could supply you with new discs for £8+ vat each and pads for £10+ vat the set. including delivery and vat you'd be looking at £42.30

    Fitting is at most an hour for the full job so maybe £30 at a small garage. Realistically your looking at £75 tops for new front discs and pads.
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    Thats Quick fit for you!!!! Bunch of crooks

    I needed new front pads on my Ford Mondeo. They are an easy swap but as it had rained almost constantly for days and was dark by the time I finished work I thought I would throw it in kwik fit and just pay them to do it.

    New front pads in Halfords were £35 so I was expecting about £60-70.

    I was staggered to be quoted over £300 !!!!!!
    I hardly felt it necessary to argue about it, I told him to get my car off the ramp ASAP and rip someone other mug off.

    I changed them myself, in the rain and in the dark. Both sides done in about 40 mins.

    Kwik Fit wont change just pads on a car where the disk shows ANY SIGN OF SCORING AT ALL.
    My disks were in very good condition but they simply dont wear evenly.
    You never see a perfectly flush disk on ANY car unless they are brand new.

    Basically Kwik Fit won't change just pads, they insist on both pads and disks.

    Bunch of ripoff merchants.
  • Thanks for moving the post, sorry I put it in the wrong place!
    I was staggered at the price too! I couldn't believe it. I laughed in his face when he said that. He did say "if you find anywhere cheaper that offers a life time guarentee we wll match it"
    The cars only worth £1500 and the insurance for the first two years already goes well overt that :( cars are too expensive. Already had to replace the clutch £300 have some body work done £400 and have a new air flow meter £50 in the last 2 years. Now the brakes too :(
    Current Debt : FEB 2010 - £10,000, OCT 2010 - £5,000 :j
    Competitions Won : ->:rotfl: HAHA Don't be silly Been Comping for 2 years! Still no wins!:rotfl:
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    Try Ford garage or Rapid Fit which is part of Ford. Ford sometimes lower prices of parts for older cars. Rapid Fit is part of ford and normally use ford parts but their labour prices are cheaper.

    If you want parts then try Halfords. When the discs on my sierra became warped after a couple of years i went to halfords. As long as i had my receipt they will replace them which they did.

    Nowadays due to old age i tend to do less work under the car. I use a local garage. He is based in Colwick

    Where are you in Nottingham? PM me and i will give you his address and number and you can ask him for a quote. He will probably get the discs and pads a lot cheaper through trade etc.
    Problem with having access to internet is that i get asked by many to solve their problems :( Well at least i learn something on the way :D
  • The fact is places like kwik fit charge you for the convenience, speed and also the "lifetime warranties" on top of parts and labour

    It may be a bit more expensive but you have the convenience of drive in service etc which in my area small operators dont offer

    Also anytime ive used kwik fit their prices have been competitive

    i.e £100 for 3 parts including a cat on a hyundai accent
    £70 for anti roll bars on same car
    £60 for brake pads
    £140 for 4 dunlop tyres, and tracking

    Yes it could be done cheaper but on each occasion it was done when I wanted and in normally under a hour whilst I sat in their internet cafe

    If I went to a local garage I might have saved a bit but then I would have been without a car all day, had to use public transport, pay for that, get up early etc etc

    Kwik fit etc often get a bad press but their are more good branches imo than bad ones and they do offer a service I and many others want albeit at a small premium
  • That seems pricey. I have a local garage that I take my car into and I trust them. I've just had my winter service and they noticed my brake pads were low. It cost £40 to have them replaced.
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    JoeyEmma wrote: »
    I've just had my winter service and they noticed my brake pads were low. It cost £40 to have them replaced.

    Which also confirms the post by Conor above, if the OP had the vehicle serviced properly the worn disc pads would have been noted and changed before they damaged the actual discs themselves and the extra cost of replacing the discs would have been avoided.
    I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. :|
  • dont put cheap brakes on your car.
    whats the thing you look for most in an emergency?
    thats right the brakes.
    fit a half decent set of brakes (mintex, etc..) they usually arent that much more expensive than the cheap ones.
    try and get a mintex brake kit which will include pads and discs that are properly matched to each other.
    i got one for my focus it was £50 and fitted myself.and new mintex rear shoes for £20.
    and they will outlast your cheap ones no problem. permit granted!
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    R4pture_2R4pture_2 Forumite
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    WOW aren't you rude and rather judgemental?

    This is my first car and I dont really know a great deal about cars. When I took the car to the garage for its MOT last month it went through fine and passed.
    Generally speaking that meas the car is alright doesnt it?
    Not just that but Im not made of money.
    So I would appreciate if when I ask for help and advice from people with more knowldge. rather than posting something so judgemental you would be helpful.
    There is a saying my very wise grandmother used to say to me "If you have nothing nice to say. Don't bother!"
    In that vein, thank you for your useful post
    JUST to clarify as well the disks don't need replacing there is nothing wrong with them.
    also the car went in for MOT last month this should obviously have been pointed out to me at that stage
    Why do I feel that I have to defend myself here? Friendly community isn't it?
    Current Debt : FEB 2010 - £10,000, OCT 2010 - £5,000 :j
    Competitions Won : ->:rotfl: HAHA Don't be silly Been Comping for 2 years! Still no wins!:rotfl:
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