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Can i check anywhere for outstanding fines

Hi everyone

I am new to this site so please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place :)

I have only very recently realised I have not changed the address on my v5 for my car. I moved 2 years ago and (now I realise very stupidly) did not set up a redirection! I don't have any connection to my previous address although I did change my driving license address when I moved.

I have now sent off to dvla to have my v5 address changed. However I am now concerned I may have fines outstanding which I know nothing about! I have no ccj's on my credit file that I can see but also appreciate it can take a while for these things to get that far and would like to avoid it if I can!

Is there a way I am able to check for anything outstanding such as speeding fines, parking fines etc? Would they have defaulted to my driving license address if they couldn't reach me? I'm also on the electoral roll at my current address so again I don't know if this is something they would check if I had anything outstanding.

I'm hoping that perhaps someone may have some advice on where I start! I'm already in a dmp so could really do without a surprise fine from somewhere

Thanks so much in advance for your help


  • Umkomaas
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    In terms of private parking tickets, there is no central record of outstanding parking charges. But with a bit of Sherlock Holmes on your part, you can get a good idea of any outstanding ones, or ones that may turn up in future. Parking companies have 6 years in which to pursue, and a number do take quite a long time (measured in years) before they contact you.

    Almost any organisation wishing to pursue for a motoring issue first have to contact the DVLA with your vehicle registration number in order to obtain your address, so you need to start in the same place now.

    You should email the DVLA and ask which organisations (and for what reason) accessed the registered keeper's data from them between a range of dates - you'll need to determine the date span, but it could be for a 6 year period in order to be sure you're bang up to date. You need to provide the registered keeper's full name and address, the address on the V5C logbook (former address - point out it is your former address) and the Vehicle Registration Mark of the vehicle involved. If there were different cars during the period, I would send a separate request for each one.

    [email protected]

    Even though you email your request, the DVLA will respond via Royal Mail.

    Once you have your response from the DVLA, you can then SAR any organisation (including councils) that has accessed your data to ask them what their reason was for accessing it, and what they have used it for. That should expose any outstanding or pending parking charges/penalties.

    Here is a SAR template from Legal Beagles for you to use.

    Let us know how you get on, especially if you need advice about dealing with any 'nasty' emerging from your research. Good luck.
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  • Thank you so much for your help and support :)
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    Just be aware if the SAR request is complicated (you are asking for a lot of information/long period to be checked,) the DVLA may refuse, or ask for a payment.

    You could split this up into say six month or one year periods from just before you moved until now, and wait for each reply before sending the next SAR. This will give you an idea of any that might be hiding waiting to pounce. Before you moved you should have been contacted by the PPCs by post at the address the DVLA have on file for any of your vehicles if there are any PCNs outstanding.
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