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Hello everyone,
My neighbour's cat is extremely friendly and I have often seen people pet her as they walk down the street.
This last year, especially when it snowed last feb/march, I noticed she was outside all of the time.
In the summer she came into my garden and I noticed I could see her ribs. She would run to our car to say hello when we came home but would never even greet her owners, and they appeared to dismiss her, even though I know she has lived with them for the past 5 years at least.
I started to feed her and as the weather has become cold, I have let her come into the house to sleep on our dining room chair occasionally.
I tried to speak to my neighbours partner, who couldn't even remember the cat's name and explained that the cat wouldn't come into the house since he moved in with his dog.
I am yet to speak to the woman who lives there.
I bought a cheap litter tray for when she does stay in the house, and I noticed she has blood in her urine. If I speak to the woman about the cat and she is blas! about it's lack of being fed or sheltered, I'm not sure what to do. I am a student and I have no way of being able to afford pet insurance/vet bills to ensure she is seen to.
Does anyone know how I might bring this up with my neighbour without sounding judgemental, or would I be able to contact the PDSA or RSPCA for neglect?

Thank you :D


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    Do you have a local cat rescue sanctuary or animal shelter near by you could approach them for advice? My local one sometimes helps with vet bills. I would suggest you talk to your neightbour first than if she doesn't care you have atleast tried before you see an outside agency. I would say with cats though that the sooner they see a vet the better when they are ill.
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