Was thinking of going back to my yoof and spending a couple of nights in a youth hostel this summer.

Was exceedingly surprised to see that a mixed dorm is more expensive than a female only one. Have seen 3 separate examples.

Also worth pointing out there don’t appear to be any male only dorms.


  • where is your hotel?
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    I use youth hostels a lot. The bed in a dorm offers are either in a male or a female dorm, and they cost the same. They don't have mixed dorms.

    You can get private family rooms for between two up to six people. The web site states how many beds there are in the room. Which hostels have you looked at?

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    How big are the dorms? My experience is that larger orms are generally chepaer, but they also price based on demand.

    Dpending on where you are looking, you may be seeing different prices based on demand.

    Are you looking at YHA hostels or private ones?
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