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2019 Frugal Living Challenge

edited 27 November 2019 at 8:46PM in Debt-free Wannabe Challenges
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  • Hello,
    I’d like to join please.
    We have a large debt to clear. Our main downfall is eating out, takeaways and online purchases on a whim. Meal planning and batch cooking is the way to go. Checking into MSE and less on shopping sites!
    Good luck everyone. I’m looking forward to picking up some interesting tips.
    December 2018 [STRIKE]£19500.00[/STRIKE] :eek:
    July 2019 £17542.00
  • hi ,hopeing to join in
    no debt ,some savings - i hope to save up a deposit for a flat this year . the mortgage on flats same street as mine are less than what i pay rent so thats been a bit of a wake up call. some are even 2 bedroom to my studio style....
    i have a sharesave at work which takes out 250 from my pay per 4 weeks . i would like to match that just from being frugal and from online sites such as swagbucks.
    £365 a year spend challenge - this has included food/clothes/beauty?? who knows where I am
    20,000 step a day challenge
  • mumtoomanymumtoomany Forumite
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    Hi all, just reposting here, I posted on the 2018 thread! I'd like to join up again this year please. Our very low income (around £10,000 to keep three of us and all the livestock) is set to fall again in summer, yet to know how much by. So this year needs to be extra frugal. Happy new year to you all, M2m.
  • mummy2threeboysmummy2threeboys Forumite
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    Lovely to see some more frugallars (That's now a new word!)
    My down fall is holidays , and I don't big expensive ones , But even the cheap caravan holiday adds up if you are doing 3 a year. I have terrible bouts of depression so I feel a bad need to run away often, ..although i'm sure my family are more than willing to assist me in this sort of healing , I need to find a cheaper and better outlet.

    I'm pretty old school elsewhere though, grow my own (well try to) Make gifts, recycle etc.
    Todays Mse was to look at unfair od charges. Put the last of the beef in the freezer minus some for a leftover stew for dinner.
    Cut up some very old t-towels and made those into cleaning rags, I got new t-towels for Christmas :D My others are 10-20 years old!

    Looked at my bank. loans etc , Managed to totally lock myself out of Facebook, (and a temp ban!) which is annoying as I use it as a free online message to contact my family, they don't have skype.

    Gernal tidying and absorbing christmas into the house. Thankfully fairly minimalist here , we get given things we can use up, But lordy I have enough treats to last until Easter ! lol

    Have a great day all xx
    Compers challenge 27/70
  • ShortieShortie Forumite
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    Hello, count me in please x. I have become a pretty quiet MSE'er so may mostly just read. I hope that's okay x

    This year for me is about adjusting to a new budget. I took a year off to be with the children (my jobs have always been stressful and lots of time travelling). I'm due to start a new job early in the new year which is much closer to home meaning I can have a better family/work balance but is also a good chunk less pay.

    This year is also about rebuilding savings. I still have my emergency fund in tact, but have learnt to really value having a bigger cushion

    Looking forward to the journey
    Apologies if there are random typos - I am usually replying via my phone
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  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
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    I have done my budget for 2019. I am planning to move to Norwich next year(hopefully after my holiday in April), so I am paying the property maintenance monthly for the flat. I really have to cut down on my spending. I did end an very toxic friendship this year which affected me emotional and financially. I have started a new journey in 2018 since my Mum sadly died in December 2017. Still on a learning curve.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2020
    Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
    NST October Challenge The Turtles Go OUTWARD BOUND NSD 15/20
  • abbe89abbe89 Forumite
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    I'd like to join in to this challenge this year!

    I've managed to pay off most of my credit card, and will pay the last chunk off after January payday so I'm very grateful for that.

    However, I'm starting a new role in January with a fair salary increase and I'm concerned that without some structure I'll slip into old habits and go crazy on spending it all and not reaping the rewards in a positive way!

    I've set up my spreadsheet with what I believe will be my income from January (will be getting a new tax code so am unsure of the exact amount) and am keen to get cracking!
  • I would like to join. I have debt to pay off this year and need to start being more savvy with my money. I have looked carefully at my bills and switched to different providers. Now i need to look at other ways i can save. Im not a very good cook and don't have much time (I'm a teacher so work is always busy). any advice and help welcome and appreciated.
    Declutter 2020 - 267/2020 :j
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    Credit Card £3100/[STRIKE]£3200[/STRIKE]
    Student Overdraft £1816/£2000
    Main Bank Overdraft £250/[STRIKE]£700[/STRIKE]
  • datlexdatlex Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Debt-free and Proud!
    Just been revising my spreadsheet for this year. I used to do it for the actual year. I now do it for the financial year as that is when a lot of my bills change and obviously pay changes due to tax changes.
    Have reduced my weekly presents budget from £5 to £4- saving of £52 a year. Have also reduced home improvements budget from £20 a week to £15 a week- saving of £260. Started looking at my phone bill- currently £11.19 for 5GB data- and yes I do use it, on a couple of occasions I actually have to get more, but not often enough to warrant paying for a bigger data allowance. Looks like Vodafone have a 25% off sale- £13 contract would be £9.50 (estimated £10 following RPI increase), need to check terms to see if is for duration of whole contract. Though might give them a ring and see if they can do any better- don't ask don't get.
    Sealed Pot Challenge no 37, Attempting Frugal Living. Became debt free at the end ot 2016. Used savings from becoming debt free to put a deposit on a bungalow last year now working on becoming Mortgage free by overpaying. (without overpayment MFW date is 2036)
  • shabbychic12shabbychic12 Forumite
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    Pliease count me in. Life got in the way re retiring in 2018 but need to focus to achieve this in 2019(for my own sanity)
    Was an 2019 early retirement wannabe now 2020 :rotfl:
    Save £12K in 2019 no 94
    All this saving l'm turning into my Dad :rotfl:
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