False indemnity claims

Can anyone offer any advice...

I was renting a property for 12 months with a family member. We have since parted ways and all utilitiy bills have been paid and accounts closed.
I have since has a bill from the gas and electric company as my housemate has done an indemnity claim against payments for this account.
The account was in my name but the direct debit in hers so she’s managed to contact her bank and claim the money back.
The company are now chasing me for this outstanding balance and say I’m liable as the accounts in my name.
The direct debit is not in my name and I have not had this money back. Surely the company need to investigate how someone not named on the account has managed to falsely claim back money for bills that were paid and closed? Or at the least chase the account holder named on the direct debit?

I’m at a loss with what I can do here.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Your simplest solution is to pay the bills and then send the family member a letter before action before proceeding with a money claim online (suing them for costs), you can enforce this with a CCJ (think "Can't Pay? We'll take it away"). While this is not ideal for you, the account being in your name makes you liable (the firm don't care who pays it) if the person who paid it has asked the bank to recall the funds. This may be a tricky process and you may wish to seek legal advice but if you don't pay you'll end up with credit markers on your history for 6 years.
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