Cards for larger balance transfers £5000 +

I currently have 2 credit cards (1 with mbna, 1 with Barclaycard). I'm paying interest on my Barclaycard. My mana 0% interest runs out in 5 days.

Looked up the deals and applied for a Sainsbury's 27 month 0% interest on balance transfers and purchases, with a 3% fee. I asked to transfer £5700. I got accepted for the card but for 21 months (no big deal). But maximum balance transfer was £1700. So I declined. But obviously that is a credit search on my file.
What do I do now? I need to transfer so I'm not paying interest. But how do I find out if they will accept the amount before applying?
Many thanks


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    You won't.

    Don't decline any more offers. Accept what you are offered and transfer what you can. You can always apply for further cards but you're lowering your chances at the moment.
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    I'm not aware of any lender who will pre-approve a limit before making an application, so your only option is to see what your eligible for, make an application and hope it is large enough. I'd personally accept any cards you're offered as the search will be on your file so you might as well get even half your limit transferred to a new 0% card rather than none of it.
  • Lloyds/BOS/Halifax allow you to go through an application which doesn't impact your credit rating and gives you an indicative limit (which is based on the credit limit you state to be useful). The websites say that if you pass through their final checks, you should get that limit. For example, I put £10,000 for a Lloyds BT card and was offered £11,800. Proceeded with the application and got £11,800.
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