Radio to use in greenhouse

Do you have a radio to use in your greenhouse? The well-known wind-up/solar one I had has been a big disappointment - very crackly. There is no electricity supply.
Can anyone recommend a suitable one please?


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    Presumably FM. If the crackling is due to a poor signal area a new one might be no better. Try fixing a piece of wire to the aerial. When camping I connect a 6 foot single wire to the antenna with a crocodile clip and move it around for the best signal. Off the ground ideally by 6 feet and horizontal is recommended from memory.
    Certainly no expert but is it possible a metal frame of the greenhouse could affect the signal?

    If you choose a new radio but only need FM avoid DAB radios as they drain batteries much quicker.
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    Have a read of the reviews of the John Lewis & Partners Spectrum DAB/FM Portable Digital Shower Radio. My Mother had one of these to use on her allotment where there is no electricity. It is rechargeable, so she brings it home with her to charge it.
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    If you have an android phone, many of these have an fm radio included. They use the earphone as an aerial. If the signal quality is ok, then you can send the audio to an external bluetooth speaker.
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    This Roberts radio is an old classic
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    I got this one 3 years ago, Sainsburys RED DAB Radio NE-6205 just seen a listing on ebay for it. Dont think you can buy it new now. Never lets me down does dab and fm. I use Panasonic Eneloops 4xAA in it and keep a spare down there on lottie.Its in my shed and handles the cold as well as the heat we had this year 30+c in shed.

    I also have a windup, solar powered one, but I suspect the solar panel is fake as it never seems to charge up, it also plays from microsd card mp3's which is useful, does charge up via windup
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