Esa form - question and advice please

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    Thanks for your reply and I hope your assessment arrived at the correct decision.

    I'm confused. I thought it was the DWP who request that a person is assessed. I thought they send you for the assessment and are guided by what the HCP says.
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    As previously advised, it's not the DWP who decide, it's the health assessment providers. I'm not sure why you thought it's the DWP. The form and any evidence you sent is sent to them. From there they decide if a face to face is needed or not. Most have them, it's rare to have a paper based decision.

    It's perfectly normal to feel the way you're feeling. I had my re-assessment in October and felt exactly the same way. Even once the assessment is over, you'll feel exactly the same, i did. The worst part is the wait. Once my assessment was over, my first thought was it wasn't as bad as i was expecting.

    As you've had a work capability assessment assessment before then you'll know what to expect. Nothing has changed over the years. They'll assess you on the work you can do not the work you can't do. Just answer those questions with as much information as possible and avoid answering with just a yes or no. Do be aware that you'll be watched from the minute you arrive to the minute you leave.

    Once the assessment report has been returned to DWP you'll be able to request a copy be sent to you. This will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be because they mostly go with the report.

    I got to thinking yesterday when I received your comment. When I had my last assessment I didnd't go to an assessment centre. They wrote to me and put me in the wrag group, but I appealed this and then went to the appeal - which was horrendous. So now I'm really terrified about friday as I don't know what it'll be like and nobody can come with me.
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