heating the summerhouse?

hi i have a summerhouse in the garden which is made entirely of wood. It has electricity so i can have some form of electrical heating.

It is about 4m by 4m and i wonder what would be the best item oil heaters, fan heater or electrical fire to heat the room?

if you have any questions please ask.

Thanks for your help.
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    A wooden structure that big will cost a fortune to heat.

    A fan heater or electrical fire will cost the same.

    With an oil heater, it depends on the price of your fuel
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    I have a little log burner in mine burning free wood given to me from as many people as possible. Have about 4 years worth at the moment! But dont burn the summer house!
  • tz1_1zttz1_1zt Forumite
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    We sell lots of stoves to people with summer houses and garden offices. I've written a page on our website with a little info on the kind of installation you could consider and some stove ideas;

    Try our page at orionheating.co.uk titled "
    Garden Office, Workshop and Summer House Stoves " (sorry I can't add links yet)

    I've included a basic list of parts required for a safe flue system, but of course this would require a detailed consultation with someone knowledgeable in these things. Summer houses usually fall outside the field of 'building control' so the normal regulations need to be considered in that context.
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    I have a small A/C (Heat Pump) unit in my home office (log cabin). It works great for both heating & cooling - with the heating being far more efficient that a normal electric heater.

    However, Cardew is right - it's not going to be cheap to heat! I have mine set to run low every day in the WInter as I don't want the paperwork in the office getting damp. Even on low it can chew through a £1 of electric per day.
  • crphillipscrphillips Forumite
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    It's got to be a wood burner.....looks lovely and totally independent. No electric, oil or gas supply required. Expect to spend £1000ish on a stove with good clearances to combustible materials and around £800ish for the twin wall flue installing.
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