Make up to £10 a day in December. Everyone welcome

Hello and welcome everybody :hello:

This is the 136th month of this challenge, which was first started by Batgirl, in September 2007. Here is a link to the original thread as I am sure some of you are interested to read where it all began.

Thanks to Batgirl for starting it and for everyone who has kept it going for 11 years! I would especially like to thank Aesop who has run the thread for the last few years

Quite a few of the regulars have taken a break recently so we would be really pleased to see some new faces and of course we would love to hear from any of our old posters even if it is just to say hello

It is only natural for the thread to evolve and change in a different direction and for new ideas to be explored.

The same with the challengers in this thread. Some become debt free, mortgage free, life takes a new path, new challenges, etc.

It is definitely worth joining, reading and joining in. It has helped so many people over the years and it has been amazing.

We hope to make the running of the thread a collaborative effort so it doesn’t become too much work for anyone so please help out if you can.

This challenge was recently renamed as people seemed to be put off thinking they HAVE TO make £10 a day.

You don't.

The original purpose of this challenge was to help people to try and make an extra £10 a day on top of their normal income to help things along. Ie paying off debt, making savings, paying for holidays, overpaying mortgages etc.

That is exactly what this challenge is about, attempting to make extra income on top of your normal income to help you wherever you need it.

People start the challenge by setting a goal of £1 a day. Then when they find they are smashing this regularly, they up it to £5 a day. Some of us gluttons for punishment go for £10 a day. It really is entirely upto you. We only ask you to post what your goal is to help you keep motivated. Some days you make more and some days you make less, but aim for extra at the end of the month.

The idea is that everyone posts how they are making extra money and these shared ideas help all of us to learn new ways to help cut debt or earn/save money.

What cannot be added:
Wages from your main job

What can be added:
Income from a second job
Daily clicks
Mystery shopping
And much, much more.

This board can move pretty quickly, so be sure to subscribe and read it regularly.

So who wants to join us?
£10 a day April - £4/£300
2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30


  • shariann
    shariann Forumite Posts: 1,027 Forumite
    edited 16 December 2018 at 9:17PM
    1. Shariann - £10
    2. A Random Man - £243 total
    3. Unicorndeva -£10
    4. Sellotape- £1
    5. Diana_B - £5
    6. Rosie - £10
    7. Hermia £500 total
    8. SSDD23 - £100 total
    9. Kantankrus Mare £10
    10. Ziggy2407 - £5
    11. Df-MRes student - £10
    12. abbe89 - £100 total
    13. Walker1 - £310
    £10 a day April - £4/£300
    2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
    Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30
  • shariann
    shariann Forumite Posts: 1,027 Forumite
    edited 30 November 2018 at 7:42PM
    There are lots of ideas on other threads on this forum.

    Wombling- This is getting things for free, for example freebies from websites or shops, blackberry picking, roadkill etc. There is a thread dedicated to wombling here

    1% challenge - This monthly thread is very similar to this one and has a list at the beginning of each thread with ideas which you can see here

    Selling Here is a post about selling from October’s £10 a day thread

    Daily clicks - jools1985 posted a useful list in September of daily/weekly clicks available on cashback sites
    £10 a day April - £4/£300
    2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
    Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30
  • A_Random_Man
    A_Random_Man Forumite Posts: 1,144
    Sixth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    Can I join again looking to make £243 for the month

    EF - £1025/£2000 (51.25%)
    Debt Remaining: £0.00 - Debt Free
  • unicorndeva
    unicorndeva Forumite Posts: 266
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    Hello everyone. Can I join again for £10 a day please :) Thank you :):):)
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Forumite Posts: 0 Newbie
    I won't be rejoining until January but just dropped in to wish everyone a successful moneymaking month.

    December's always the hardest month to make extra money, there are so many other things to take up our time:eek:. Good luck, anyway:beer:.
  • selloptape
    selloptape Forumite Posts: 632
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Combo Breaker
    Hi everyone :)

    After lurking on the Nov thread... Could I join for December please with a target of £1 a day.
  • Diana_B
    Diana_B Forumite Posts: 4
    Fifth Anniversary
    Going to join for December but no I won’t have much spare time so going to aim for £5 per day but be more than happy if I get over £100 for the month
  • Rosie
    Rosie Forumite Posts: 1,758
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Thanks for the new thread. Please can you put me down for £10 a day. Good luck everyone.
    Rosie x
    Jan £10 a day £326.75/£310
  • datlex
    datlex Forumite Posts: 2,237
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Where on Topcashback is the daily clicks list? I found travel supermarket. It says 2 clicks a week so 50p a week.
    Paid off the last of my unsecured debts in 2016. Then saved up and bought a property. Current aim is to pay off my mortgage as early as possible. Currently over paying every month. Mortgage due to be paid off in 2036 hoping to get it paid off much earlier. Set up my own bespoke spreadsheet to manage my money.
  • Hermia
    Hermia Forumite Posts: 4,473
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    I'm going to aim for £500 this month. This is probably a bit ambitious, but I think I need a big kick up the bum!
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