Trainers and Plantar facitis

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Currently suffering from plantar facitis and looking for new trainers which have inbuilt arch supports.

Can anybody point me to some specific makes and models. I,ve looked in various outlets and been singularly unsuccessful in finding any store assistants who can point me to specific models.


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    I tend to just buy trainers, Asics usually, take their insole out and put my orthopaedic ones in
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    I just google trainers + plantar facitis and saw what came up - different ones depending on whether you have flat feet or a high instep. I ended up with Dasics Gel Numbus, can't remember the model number. Gave instant relief and I walked out of the shop with them on :D.
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  • Get yourself to a local independent sports shop and get a gait analysis done, worth it to get running shoes properly fitted if you suffer from PF. For me Brooks Ravenna have the support I need in my arch.
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    Have you seen a podiatrist?

    Mine provided custom-built insoles that will fit all of my shoes (£35 for the consultation, £10 for the insoles - cheaper than a new pair of trainers!).

    She also gave me exercises to do (which I have to do at least once a day, probably for ever).

    Since getting the insoles and doing the exercises (which I do indeed do every day), the pain has subsided totally. I get a twinge if I forget to wear the insoles, or if I forget to do the exercises.

    I go to the gym 3 times a week, and the insoles work perfectly inside my normal trainers.
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    Thanks everybody for your suggestions. Have had the condition for over six months and use the inserts in shoes. My current elderly trainers already have a built in support butI will obviously have to use inserts in a new pair. Have been doing all the exercises without them seemingly making any difference but three sessions of acupuncture finally seem to have sorted it.
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    Glad you're making progress Primrose. It can be really nasty.

    I was amazed at how quickly the inserts + exercise regime worked - but I think I caught it early. My SIL has had the condition for years (and as far as I can tell has done nothing about it) - so I knew what it was the first time I felt the pain!
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    PF is a recurring problem for me - Brooks GTS or ASICS gel kaiyano work well for me. I used to get heat moulded insoles but these days they are great straight from the box.
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    I had it for about 4 years - and used gel inserts insoles and could wear any shoes

    Went to physio for a non related problem - recurring sprained ankles, and the exercises for this cured my PF!

    According the physio - this was most likely due to the specific exercise, where you stand with the front of your feet on a step and drop your heels down as this stretches the Achilles tendon.

    As for shoes - nothing memory foam, and the soles thick and absorbing, and definitely no pumps.
    I still don't wear anything with thin heels, and don't wear worn out trainers
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