Owe a previous employer money

I left my previous job in October, after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate my 3 month notice period down to 2 months, I decided to send an email 2 months and 1 week after handing in my notice to tell them I wouldn't be coming back as I needed to start my new job. This day also happened to be my payday.

HR from my previous employer rang me after receiving the email and the only issue they seemed to have was that I had been paid for the full month, so I owed them 3 weeks worth of my pay back.
Obviously this was totally understandable and I told them to just email me how much and how to send it back and I will straight away, they said they'd send me a letter with this info on.
A month later, I still haven't received a letter or any other communication from them. So I'm now sitting on this money, scared to touch it whilst waiting for instructions of how to send it back.

My question is - is there a cut off point when they are no longer entitled to this money back if they haven't told me how much or how to send it back? Or could they get in touch years down the line and still be entitled to it?

Any help/advice is much appreciated!


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    Firstly, you're very wise not to touch it. I'd suggest writing a letter to them confirming the date you left their employment, that you are aware there was an overpayment which you are happy to repay if they advise you how much and the best way to do it.

    Keep a copy of the letter as proof that you have offered repayment and been honest about the situation.Until they reply, put the money somewhere safe.
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