Caring for a lawn over winter! Suggestions & Help please

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My lawn has just started to get patchy and yellow in places :( really upset as it was so lush and green, is this normal for time of year?
Is it worth me using lawn feed this time of year? What ones do people suggest? how often should i apply november, december, january, feb and spring and summer?
Is there anything i can do to save the lawn.. i know its winter but please any winter advice :)


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    I know from elsewhere that you are inclined to worry over natural stuff. Last week's thread about how to clean newly laid gravel is a good example.

    We're heading into winter now. Plants aren't at their best. They don't shut down completely, but they're not receptive to much.

    So, leave the grass alone, unless it really needs a trim, read up about lawn care over the rest of winter and start your own programme of improvement in spring. Walking about on it now won't help.
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    Dave is right. There is nothing to spread right now, adding anything is likely to be harmful. Don't cut the lawn until it starts growing again, try not to walk on it too much in wet or frosty weather. Possibly lightly rake off the fallen leaves, but don't scarify the lawn, as it's too late.

    The time to look after your lawn is when it is growing. Not cutting it too short, keeping it aerated and drained, and just possibly a little fertiliser or rake is key. But, all that is for the growing season, not now
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