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Outfox The Market Direct Debit changes

edited 17 December 2018 at 3:02PM in Energy
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    orangesnapsorangesnaps Forumite
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    The current tariff that we're on with OTM is Whack! Tariff, it's the cheapest by far but with the uncertainty of the company's stability. This is looking more and more like a cash grab to me, I would rather go with a reputable company. Our priority is getting our money back that's in credit, we currently have £370 in credit, minus the bill for oct-nov. usage, that will still leave us at more or less £300 in credit factor in the direct debit increase as I think the bank will take it, that will be £440 in credit by the first week of Dec.
    An additional £40 a month is quite a lot for us & we can't just afford to pay that. We already built a healthy credit in our account with them so I don't understand where they've got their figures from.
    Also, we've only just switched to them this May, how can they track that? It's very dodgy.

    Currently looking at Bulb, People's Energy and Green Network Energy.
  • dazzhdazzh Forumite
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    My winter payment has been calculated by OFTM as £130, I usually pay £93.
    I'm £272 in credit so I'm going to cancel my DD, for a couple of months, use up my credit and then reinstate the DD.
    I've already emailed asking for a refund but didn't receive any reply.
  • My proposed direct debit increase was from £84pm to 164pm over winter, not acceptable!
    I would never switch to a supplier who operate variable DD's and this was not agreed when I recently signed up.
    Direct debit has been cancelled and a switch to Avro has been initiated and it is fixed for a year and not costing much more overall.
  • Hello all,

    Same experience here - calculations don’t make sense, I’m in ample credit and I too sense a cash run.

    , I’ve emailed them about 5pm and popped Ofgem, Ombudsman and the news team from this website on copy. Included the 5 emails I’ve had in 3 days and asked why new ‘winter rate’ is three times my current usage...

    Heartened to know others took to this forum and I know I’m not alone or overreacting!

    I’ll share what I hear back from any party emailed.

  • First I get another price hike email then an email asking for a photograph of the electricity meter (we provide readings every month and are in credit £60). I send the photographs of my smart meter. I then get an email today to say that there were no attachments in the email - there were and they were compressed JPEGs. I have replied using snips of the photos. I then get the same email as everyone else an increase of 20%.

    They are still the cheapest though. I don't know what to do and whether to cancel my DD as others are doing. Ii would rather just pay the bill each month using my debit card.
  • I joined in August, after inputting my annual usage, I got quoted an £8.99 monthly fee / standing charge. This then was raised to £13 then to £15.99 together with 2 lots of energy price rises in the space of 3 months, I also asked when they sell energy at wholesale prices, why are there companies selling gas over 1p per kWh cheaper, you can’t get a straight answer from them. They say they only supply green energy but how can the cost of wind & sun increase twice in 3 months.
    Their customer service is shockingly poor and the substantial rise in direct debit is the final straw. I’m voting with my finger and switching.
  • Likewise had the first email of the energy increase earlier in the month followed by the we have cocked up the previous email this is the rate - then today the rocket of the DD price change in 10 days time !! I dont think so when im in credit ! It seems theres no talking to these like some companies you get bullied into accepting their terms or on your bike! well for me I've had enough and will be joining everyone else leaving the sinking ship unless they back pedal.
  • On 2/11 I was advised my estimated annual consumption figure is around £41.73 on average per month whereas my actual consumption is showing £37.71 per month. However, please note that your actual consumption does not reflect a full winter since you have been supplied by us. We use this figure as a guideline on what would be an appropriate value for your direct debit to ensure that it is covering your usage. Therefore, your current direct debit of £53.09 is appropriate for your current usage. This means that at this figure of direct debit, you should be building credit during the summer months which will be used during the winter whilst keeping your direct debit at £53.09 throughout the year as long as your estimated annual consumption does not significantly change. I am currently £93 in credit and today they told me they are increasing my DD to £73 from October to March. Does not make any sense at all and now in its November I am worried they will take the £73 plus an additional £20 for the difference in the previous DD. I've had some refunds already but not after a fight. After reading other comments I am switching as they are taking the mickey.:mad:
  • Neil_JonesNeil_Jones Forumite
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    Current Debit: £51.66, am currently in £80 credit.
    Proposed: £90.41 winter, £38.75 summer. If I divide their estimated annual cost by 12 it only works out to £64.57 anyway.

    With the revised energy rates they're not the cheapest any more for me and this revised debit does sound like a run on the customer so to speak so sod it I'm going back to Zog and Scottish Power - it isn't the cheapest option but Zog were excellent last time I was with them and Scottish Power is best of the rest I suppose.

    Sadly I feel the trend price wise is upwards and if that's the case I'd rather pay a fix now for a year or so and see where things go.
  • MilieMilie Forumite
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    I spent a lot of time last week trying by email to retrieve £90 of my money that they had decided to keep even though I didn’t owe it. Their email Is poorly written but gives the patronising impression that they believe they are better at managing my money than I am. They refused to return the £90 but reduced my DD slightly. Then I had the same series of messages, including corrections, that everyone else has reported, culminating in the one today. “Bill shock” .... yes it was! They propose practically doubling my DD until April.
    I’m not having it. I’ve started a switch to a fixed term deal and cancelled my DD with them. I’m sure the £90 will cover my final payment, perhaps even with a little bit left over to keep me in my declining years.
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