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Isolate leaking shower?

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We have a concealed shower in our en-suite and for a while now it has been dripping. There is a leak somewhere behind the tiles and it has been going on for maybe a year or two. Water has been slowly coming through the plasterboard behind the shower, seeping through the tile and coming through the ceiling of the downstairs toilet (this is what we first noticed). It's also started going into the carpet in the entrance to the en-suite. The wet patch in the carpet has been growing bigger the past few days.

We've got onto our insurance company about the leak and we're in the process of trying to get bathroom fitters out to give us quotes (easier said than done!) but I'd really like to stop the constant drip from the shower before things get much worse. Is it likely that there's a valve somewhere to stop the flow of water to the shower to prevent things getting any worse?

Really want to get this sorted ASAP as I'm getting very stressed about it. :(

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