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Sweet_Sugar_1984Sweet_Sugar_1984 Forumite
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I just needed some advice please.

I went into Oak Furniture Land yesterday and fell in love with the Morgan corner sofa. I ended up buying it on the spot and now I'm regretting my decision. I usually like to research and see reviews of an item before buying but on this occasion I didn't do any of that.

Has anyone ever purchased this particular sofa? Or any other sofa from this company? What's the quality like? And will it stand the test of time? I have had cheap sofas in the past where the backs and seats have started sagging and lost shape over time and I don't want this to happen. I have paid £1600 and want it to last at least 10 years.

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you.


  • Hi I am in dispute with them at the moment. I'll try and keep it short.
    Ordered a Goodwood corner unit and chair +, £200, extra care cover for of 5 items. Day 1 4 items delivered 3 different colours!
    Day 2 chair arrived with no plastic feet floor damaged as a result.
    Verball Promise of comp and correct batch numbers to be redelivered.
    Day 3 all items replaced all different colours again.
    Day 4 lorry arrived with replacements all different batch numbers refused delivery.
    Cancelled the order in disgust.
    They will not accept responsibility for the floor damage as I should have checked that the feet were ok?.
    I will be taking them to small claims.
    Stay clear
  • I'd assume there is a 'cooling down' period, maybe check your paperwork? Their Trustpilot reviews are fairly good, yet sitejabber reviews tell a completely different story ..
  • We seem to be having identical experiences with OFL. We purchased a Grayson 3 piece suite. One of the armchairs developed a Nast creaking noise and both armchairs tip over to the
    side with very little weight put on them. We only had the product 3 weeks and one of the armchairs developed a loud creaking noise. Contacted OFL. They arranged for an inspection. The inspector informed me that it was natural to expect some creaking and the noise was perfectly normal. Also the stability of the armchairs was very poor. If you reach over to the left/right they tip. Even the weight of a young child leaning on the arm causes the chair to tip Once again the inspector informed me this can happen with this furniture as the recliner mechanism is very narrow in comparison to the width of the chair. Basically there are no legs to support the width of the whole chair, causing instability A hot drink was almost spilt on my very young granddaughter when my son reached out to lift her in an emergency, the chair tipped. He had a hot drink in his other hand that was spilt just missing her as he reached out.

    The creaking and instability continued. I complained about the first inspection so another was arranged by OFL. The second inspector agreed there was some inappropriate creaking. He found where it was coming from. After 30 minutes he had fixed the problem, but he could do nothing about the tipping over, and said it was a common fault with these reclining mechanisms. Apparently they are too narrow for the chairs.
    We have made a further complaint to OFL. All we got was a total denial that they had any complaints of this nature. I was once again advised to contact customer services, and to make sure the complaint is directed to their head of operations. I am starting to get the feeling I am getting the runaround. We have only had the furniture six weeks and we have tipped over in it at least four times. It's becoming a family joke at the moment.

    I advise you to think very carefully before purchasing this furniture in my opinion it is unsafe. Check the width of the recliner mechanism against the width of the chair. You will see what I mean
    Beware their responses appear to be very similar
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    Hi, I purchased the morgan corner a few years ago, to ber honest its not wering very well, i live on my own so have no kids jumping all over it, i had taken the additional warranty out which on the certificate it clealy states that breakdown and resilliance of the foam is covered, this is what happening and the warrnty company are not doing anything about it.  it is a very poorly made sofa and definatley not worth the 1200 i paid, very frustrated and disapoainted 
  • RelievedSheffRelievedSheff Forumite
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    We are very happy with the oak TV unit and sideboard we got from Oak Furniture Land earlier this year and intend to buy a bed from them later in the year but I don't think they would be my first choice of shop to go to to buy a sofa.

    There is a world of difference between producing a piece of solid wood furniture which they seem good at and producing a sofa with wearing surfaces that they seem no so good at.

    You should have a cooling off period in which you can change your mind.
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    This is a post from 2018 you may want to start a new thread with your issues if you want help. 

    And just for clarity, there is no 'cooling off' period when you purchase in-store unless that store specifically offers it. 
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