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I have a Sony 55" TV which is just over 2 years old.
When it was about 18 months old I noticed what I thought were some dead pixels. I contacted John Lewis (5 yr warranty) who sent out a local company, PVS, to investigate.
In their report they advised that these were actually thunder flies that had got into and died within the TV. John Lewis advised that as this wasn't a TV failure then they wouldn't cover a replacement / repair.
Since then I have been in touch with Sony who also advised that I get a repair company to investigate. After the summer we've had the situation has become a lot worse and I would say that there were now up to 30 thunderflies in the screen. Sony stated that they wouldn't help as I was outside of the 1 year warranty provided on the unit. PVS have confirmed that you cannot replace the panel as Sony does not make these parts available so it would have to be new screen.
Clearly Sony's stonewall response will mean I will never buy another one of their products. I am very disappointed as it was quite an expensive screen!
I would argue that Thunderflies being able to get into the screen is a design fault. My other Sony screen is 8 years old and fine. I wondered if others had experienced these issues and whether they'd managed to resolve and whether they think I have a case here?


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    If you think you have a case then commision an independant report backing up your claim and take it to the vendor under Consumer Regulations .

    Looking at my TV it has air vents where flies could get in .
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    Thunderflies are a thing (I Googled it) otherwise known as Thrips.

    Good luck in finding someone to agree that a modern slim line TV (which needs vents) has a manufacturing flaw. BTW, there's a very small number of manufacturers of screens nowadays so you'll struggle to find a TV that doesn't have this potential. I think Samsung and Sharp make Sony's screens.
  • for the response. Disappointing. I'll make sure I don't spend more than £500 on a screen going forward.
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    Get rid of the flies first .
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    Even if there are vents the screen structure should be sealed
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    Recently I noticed a black speck, centre screen on my iMac desktop and on closer inspection it looked like a thunderfly. Although tiny it’s annoying when reading and I assume there’s no way of getting it out.
    There was a plague of them mid-summer but I can’t imagine why they are attracted to the innerds of TV’s or PC’s.
    Sorry I can’t offer a solution but I will subscribe to the thread in case anyone else can.
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    Not just me then, I have had this problem with a Samsung monitor, I could watch them crawling around as I was working and I would try to "encourage" them to go to the egde of the screen. I have about ten dead at the moment they fade when they die but not completely.

    I have tried insect repellent but in the end I stopped using the monitor until the thrips had gone, although not much good if it's a TV that you watch all the time and you have no alternative.

    I know this is no help to the OP but there seems to be no solution to it.
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    I had the same problem with a laptop screen. I didn't find a solution.

    I assumed it was the light that they were attracted to.
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    Presumably there are independant repairers out there who know how to dismantle and remove the little b*ggers.
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