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Wizz Air shrinks free baggage allowance - MSE News

WizzAir has reduced its baggage allowance again, meaning you'll only be able to bring one handbag-sized carry-on into the cabin for free and will have to pay to put larger hand luggage in the hold...
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'Wizz Air shrinks free baggage allowance'
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  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    At least it’s bigger than Ryanair and just big enough for a weekend for me.
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  • CKhalvashiCKhalvashi Forumite
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    I see absolutely no problem with this, except for those who booked flights and now have the changes applied retrospectively.

    Due to a tight connection on a flight after the date I’ve already paid for priority, so no issue there, but had I been charged extra, I’d be pretty peeved.
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  • Trouble is you pay to take hand luggage by paying for priority boarding but don’t get it. Big queues at gate - everybody then queued on stairs or in our case stuck in a corner waiting for lift to be ooerated for pushchair and fractious 2 year old.
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