Barclaycard PPI Big Success Story

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I just want to urge others thinking of reclaiming their PPI to do it today. 3 weeks ago I used the template on MSE to complain about mis sold PPI with Barclaycard. It took less than an hour to complete and less than 3 weeks later over £27,000 appeared in my bank account!I phoned to make sure there was no mistake, there wasn't. This is what I was entitled to and as I did claim myself there is no third party I had to give a share to.
Please Please do the same for yourselves if you think you had PPI. All I had to do was fill in the first form and the money was mine.
Years ago I was in a lot of debt with Barclaycard and it was a nightmare but to be fair to them they have made reclaiming the PPI and compensation so easy.
I have paid all of my debts and am starting on a clean slate with a bit of money left for Christmas.
I am sure you can all imagine how happy I am.
I wish the same success for others out there.
Thank you so much to MSE website for making it so easy for me :T


  • Wow! Good for you - enjoy the money!
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    Well done :)
    Enjoy the clean slate!!
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    So happy for you! Which template did you use? Also I have lost my account number and all the paperwork with Barclaycard but I remember using their card a lot about ten years ago. Then I closed the account. Wonder if there is any chance without any docs!
  • Hi, I am very happy for you. If you don’t mind me asking. How long ago did you take out the card and what sort of balance was on it ?
    I was in a big mess about 11 years ago. I completed a IVA. However I have heard back from 13 CC company’s so far confirming PPI. This all dates back about 16 years ago. So I am just trying to get a idea of what sort of figures they might be offering if my complaints are upheld.
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    The amount 'offered' will be the amount you paid, plus associated and statuory interest. No one else's experience has any relevance.

    However, do note that as you were in an IVA, any redress will be put against any unpaid debt, which may make your likely sum zero.
  • That I know. As each of my cards had between 4000-11000 on them and that was over a 5 year period . I was hoping I might get a little back. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
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    PPI refunds are a return of everything you paid plus associated interest (8% simple, per year for most years, with 15% from before I think 1993).

    Whether someone got £1 or £100,000 is utterly irrelevant to your complaint as what you paid is nothing like what they paid. As above, with an IVA they are required to check if the money is due back to the lenders you didn't repay before you see anything (which is logical as you are asking for a refund of money you didn't pay in the first place)
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  • As I said I am more then happy to pay back what was owed. I was just trying to get my head around such a large payout. If let’s say I received on average £4000 from each card (not impossible from some of the results I have seen). Then the banks would be happy. If it was any more then I would be happy as well.
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