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New polymer £50 note to be launched - MSE News

The £50 note will stay part of UK currency with a new polymer design, the Treasury has announced...
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'New polymer £50 note to be launched'
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  • Wacko18Wacko18 Forumite
    40 Posts
    Hi, does anybody know in which month in 2020 that the new £20 note is being released?
  • eDickyeDicky Forumite
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    The only problem is that they soon start withdrawing use of the old notes, unlike other currencies or even Scottish and NI sterling notes which remain valid for use.
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  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    I'm basing this solely on previous note changes but I suspect it'll be early 2020 with the John Houblon series withdrawn from circulation in either April or May.
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  • Wacko18Wacko18 Forumite
    40 Posts
    OK thanks. If they are withdrawn from circlation April or may, do you then have 6 months to use the old £20 notes up?. I think that's what happened when they changed the old £10 notes over but I'm not sure.
  • jonesMUFCforeverjonesMUFCforever Forumite
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    Banks will still accept old notes for customers.
  • Awesome.....a new way of making people that use £50’s to be made to feel like criminals when trying to spend them :(

    Sorry love, we don’t take 50’s...
  • RobisereRobisere Forumite
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    I cannot see the point of a £50 note. I have never used one for many years and have no expectation of ever using one. If I was offered one in any transaction, I would refuse and ask for £10 + 2x £20 notes. Which may never happen anyway, because the greatest part of transactions I make now are cashless. I have had £30 in my wallet for about 6 weeks now, although I do keep a little change for parking and the very few shops that still use cash, and the local markets.

    Having said that, two of the local market stalls have gone cashless, using a WiFi gadget: 3 of the last 5 "cash only" shops in my lovely old market town have gone contactless. I expect the £30 to go from my wallet when my gson gets around to doing some work he promised to carry out when he can. I think it is inevitable that cash will slowly become a thing of the past. So what is the point of a £50 note? That is a genuine question: I am honestly puzzled.
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  • JuicyJesusJuicyJesus Forumite
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    I'm just glad I don't work in a bank any more and so won't have to field the millions of people with lots of mattress-dwelling £50 notes who want them changed into new ones.
    urs sinserly,
    ~~joosy jeezus~~
  • FingerbobsFingerbobs Forumite
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    I can remember only two occasions in my entire life when I've actually seen a physical £50 note, and both occasions were decades ago. I've never been the custodian of one myself.

    I think banks will accept any old currency almost indefinitely. I still find the occasional old pound coin, and haven't had any problems exchanging them at the bank yet.
  • ChinoChino Forumite
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    Robisere wrote: »
    I cannot see the point of a £50 note. I have never used one for many years and have no expectation of ever using one.
    I suspect there are many things in this world that you neither use nor see the point of. Just because you have no need for something, that doesn't mean there is no need for it.
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