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I'm buying a ww2 item of a militaria dealer who doesn't have a card reader. My only available payment method is either paying him through a money transfer via PayPal friends and family using my credit card or transferring money into my debit card account from my credit card and paying him via the same above method. I have a Virgin Credit card and was wondering which of the above would incur the lowest fees? Any help or advice is much appreciated.


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    How much is the item?
  • NeillB
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    £425 plus about £14 postage and packing (the items a rather bulky german helmet and I've found militaria dealers like to insure postal items).
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    Do you trust the seller?

    It seems rather strange that a militaria dealer, who obviously deals in what could be classed as expensive items, does not have a card reader.

    Just wondering why he wanted the money transferring over via PayPal Friends and Family (not reclaimable) rather than sending you a PayPal bill.

    If I was trying to buy this I would be questioning why both methods of payment would be extremely difficult to get refunded, but then I have a suspicious mind (which has saved me from being scammed several times).

    Can you afford to write off that amount of money?

    Could you have it sent cash on delivery?
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  • NeillB
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    I agree and find it a bit absurd that someone who sells items a lot more expensive than the helmet I'm buying doesnt have a card reader. It's annoying because I mentioned credit card as a method of payment in my first email and he talked about bank transfers but didn't say he couldn't take payment via a credit card. They ask for payment via PayPal friends and family as it doesn't cost them anything to get money forwarded to them this way.

    Not sure what to do. What a pain.
  • Do they have a shop front or a website? Just wondering if we can look into it a bit further, just someone else looking at it might be able to say whether it would be safe or otherwise?

    Not saying I could do it I must admit, there's a lot of people on here with the knowhow of how to investigate sources. You need to find out if other people have dealt with them and whether they have done so successfully.

    The cynic in me says that if he lets people use PayPal for payments then he should put what it costs him on top of the price, and then would be able to send an invoice/request for payment giving you some protection.
    What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare
  • buying online is a risk by itself, only credit card payment gives you legal protection and they can dispute on your behalf on the faulty goods etc etc. debit card and paypal dont have the same protection and someone to fight on your behalf
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    I only use friends and family if I'm 100% I wont need a reversal, like paying for upwork to avoid fees. If its for physical goods its risky.

    There is another method I use that's much cheaper than regular PayPal but again doesn't have as much protection - WorldRemit. It has fraud protection e.g Trace. Its basically a single app that supports and simplifies IBAN for most countries and beats the fees of the banks.

    For this I'd be inclined to use regular paypal and negotiate a split of the 5% fee.

    >debit card and paypal dont have the same protection and someone to fight on your behalf

    In my experience as buyer and seller , a refund on (regular) PayPal is a bit easier than a credit card these days, the dispute process is more customer oriented, there is now built in insurance on most transactions.
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  • What they’re doing is against PayPal’s TOS and I am very surprised they have not been closed down by PayPal yet. Seems very fishy to me. Maybe find another seller if possible ??? Can’t help you on fees as you gave very little infomation on the rates you have on your cards
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