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I have put a claim in with Lloyds for paying for a bank account every month for a long time. They have rang me but I was work to ask me some questions. I know I have used the phone insurance once or twice years ago and I rang jpnabout aa cover but ended up buying it through the company themselves. My question is has anyone got any tips on what type of things they'll ask and what's best to say? I've not used anything else


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    On what grounds are you claiming the account charges back? That you didn't know about them?
  • Yes when I first opened account I was early 20s and told best way to get overdraft and no other account available for free
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    There are no tips on what to say other than be honest.

    Your allegation is not backed by any evidence and Lloyds have offered free accounts for decades so that's clearly not true. The fact you used the account benefits shows it was useful for you (and any refund of account fees would be offset against any payout you got) and that you knew about it.

    Any which way they might just payout anyway, they might reject it, they might time bar it. Just have to deal with the questions honestly or you'll get found out if you tailor your answers to try and win.
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