The Recent Sainsburys 29 month interest free card offer

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After looking on the last MSE e-mail, I saw that Martin's team was recommending a Sainsbury's 29 month interest free credit card. I duly applied for the card and was accepted with a £8000 limit. I activated the card and the card was now ready for me to use. I will add at this point I had another card with MBNA which I had closed to take the Sainsbury's card and am lucky enough to have a very good credit rating with no other debt and am now mortgage free. I decided to do some early online christmas shopping. The item I was buying was a gold neckless from a well know online retailer at £325. I went through their checkout process, entered my Sainsbury's credit card details and waited for the transaction to complete. What I got was a message from Sainsbury's telling me the transaction had been declined and to ring a 0800 number. I contacted Sainsbury's passed their security questions and advised them of what had happened. they told me to try again which I did and this time the transaction was successful. About a week later I tried to use the card again and again the transaction was declined again advising I ring the 0800 number. I had to wait some time and in the meanwhile completed the transaction using my debit card. I eventually spoke to a manager at Sainsbury's credit card who was unable to tell me why I had 2 transactions fail in a row. all she could say was that their security system has been triggered. I have been using credit cards for close to 30 years and I have never had a transactions fail let alone one after the other. I have no confidence that the card would be accepted in store although I have not tried it and face the embarrassment of it being declined. I have therefore cleared the balance for my first transaction last night and when it clears I am closing the card down. A credit card that is refused every time you try to use it online of no use to anyone. I once put £8000 on a Post office 39 month interest free card I applied for in one transaction and had no problem so why Sainsbury's is triggered every time I use their card is a mystery to me. Just be aware if it happens to you as well, you are not alone!


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    How exactly did you get a message from Sainsburys when you were attempting a transaction on the website of another retailer?
    If this is connected with MasterCard secure then it is NOT the fault of Sainisburys.
  • Ben8282 wrote: »
    How exactly did you get a message from Sainsburys when you were attempting a transaction on the website of another retailer?
    If this is connected with MasterCard secure then it is NOT the fault of Sainisburys.

    Hi Ben when you enter your details and click submit you are automatically sent to the card owner. in most cases it just flashes up and is authorised like the Barclays bank connection I get when I use my debit card. The card company have to authorise usage. in any event sainsburys knew they were declining the transaction and only authorised it once I rang them and gave them security info on my first attempt using the card. when it was declined the 2nd time I used my Barclay debit card who authorised the transaction straightaway. it has nothing to do with the merchant although they can see if the transaction is successful or declined. in any event I cleared the balance and closed the account today. never had this sort of grief in 30 years of using credit cards
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    Although I can see your point, I'd hardly call twice 'every time'. These algorithms that pick up your spending habits, and will trigger an alert if they spot an unusual transaction, must be pretty useless when you first start using a new card.
    When you say 'Sainsburys knew they were declining the transaction', I think you mean 'Sainsburys knew that the transaction had been declined'. I'm afraid it's the kind of thing we'll have to put up with in a world full of scams. You'd be grateful if it was someone else trying to use your new card.
    I came into this world with nothing and I've got most of it left.
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    Have used my Sainsbury's credit card numerous times online and it's worked every time albeit not the same priced goods you were buying OP. Your credit rating however good is of no use to anyone else but you and only you, lenders etc see your credit history.

    I've had a transaction declined before and I didn't give 2 hoots, I entered the pin wrong. I'm sure you would be fine if it happened.
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