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This is my first post so sorry if this isn't right.

I recent purchased tickets from stubhub and they debited my account for the money and then a few days later said the order had been cancelled. But I received no refund. When I queried this they said that I had ordered a chargeback on a previous order and therefore they had kept the money for the latest order.

I have no idea what they are talking about and if I'm being completely honest I don't know if I did order a chargeback for a previous order. But I cannot find this order they are referring to, even to find out. I have checked emails going back to 2014 and none of my ticket orders match the order they are claiming I made a chargeback for.

I called stubhub and they weren't helpful and couldn't even tell me the order I supposedly made a charge back for.

So my question is can they just keep my money? Even if I authorised a chargeback for a previous order, surely this is a separate transaction and if a bank authorised a chargeback surely this decision has been made by a bank and is closed. Can stubhub just keep this money for a chargeback that may or may not have been settled by the banks years ago?

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.


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    Ask your bank if you did a chargeback, ask them to put it in writing that you didn't and go back to stubhub. If you did the chargeback then you'd have to look into why you did this and whether it was legitimate.

    It's a bit weird though as a company can challenge a chargeback and if they prove to the bank that it was legitimate the bank tends to refund the company
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