Which music app do you enjoy the most?

Bern11 Forumite Posts: 4 Newbie
Hello. What are you using music player application? Can you tell me and everyone knows? Why do you like use it? Thank you!


  • parking_question_chap
    parking_question_chap Forumite Posts: 2,694
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    None, I just rip them off youtube and transfer the files to my phone by USB cable.
  • LucyNx
    LucyNx Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    The music app that I like to use are Spotify and Music player. I prefer Music Player because I can listen to music without using the internet
  • esuhl
    esuhl Forumite Posts: 9,409
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    I used to use VLC, but since it came out of beta it doesn't work on my phone. I'm using the the built-in music app for now, until I find a simple, lightweight alternative.
  • jenniewb
    jenniewb Forumite Posts: 12,832
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    I use the Spotify app but have the premium version on a student account. I wont be paying double when my 3 year limit runs out next year. I like the app and the suggestions it makes and that there are no ads. But for £10 a month? This is too much and I'll take my changes and put the radio on thanks.

    If they just offered tariffs lower for those on a lower income, or just offered variations on the price so for £10 maybe you could get podcasts, audiobooks, videos and music where as for £5 it's just music...something like that. I'm sure more would sign up if they are getting more than elsewhere as all the music apps seem to be £10 but they all do more or less the same thing, if one doesn't stand out they all risk being overlooked for another.
  • googler
    googler Forumite Posts: 16,101
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    I don't "enjoy" music apps. I enjoy music. But I'm from the era before apps.
  • Arlette
    Arlette Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I use Spotify and have had the premium version for years. It's good, but they've changed or removed features I liked and I find I use it less and less so it's getting hard to justify at that price. Their customer service puts me off too - it's basically just one of those customer forums that's like shouting into a black hole.
  • elenax
    elenax Forumite Posts: 11 Forumite
    Use spotify premium for most of my music other than that Tiktok is my recent favourite and you can find some exclusive covers on soundcloud as well
  • safta
    safta Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    in August this year I paid £59 for a year (instead of £79) for amazon prime and have amazon music free with that. I love having music on my phone but cant get all the songs I want a lot of them are on music unlimited which you have you pay an extra £7.99 a month which seems pointless really,, as £59 for the year equates to £5 a month and you iget free delivery as well.
  • PatrickJohnson
    PatrickJohnson Forumite Posts: 15 Forumite
    Vote for Apple Music - works seamlessly with my phone and has pretty much everything I want.
  • quietly_myself
    quietly_myself Forumite Posts: 96
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    I’ve been going through free or cheap trials of all of them. So far I’ve done:

    Spotify (3 months for £1)
    Apple Music (Free for 4 months)
    Google Play (Free for 3 months)
    Amazon Music Unlimited (4 months for £1)
    Deezer (Free for 3 months)
    Tidal (Free for 4 months)

    My Tidal subscription expires in February, after which I’ve got Napster, Qobuz and YouTube Music to try out. So far I’ve managed 21 months of free music streaming though.

    In my opinion they’re all decent services and apps, but I’d say the best are:

    Amazon Music Unlimited - for choice. I’ve never not found a track I wanted, whereas the others have all had some gaps.

    Apple Music - for iPhone/iPad integration. Obviously not relevant if you’re on an Android device.

    Deezer - for best app. Nicely laid out, easy to find what you need and very intuitive to use.

    My advice? Wait for deals and try them out. Enjoy.
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