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Which music app do you enjoy the most?

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  • ChrisK....._3ChrisK....._3 Forumite
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    Well I have to repeat
    I'm using Google music offline which can play stuff by Google Voice assistant. My phone is also hooked up by blue tooth to my car stereo. So when I'm driving down the road I just say "Hey Google play Innervisions by Stevie wonder" and the album starts playing. I can also just say "hey Google play sting" and it creates a playlist with all my sting tracks (wherever they are) and plays it. I can even skip tracks with my steering wheel stalks. I can't possibly imagine anyone listening to music in any other way????
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  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Poweramp Pro.
    However i dont think you mean what thread title says .

    The word STREAMING is missing .
  • Spotify is essential for me. Use it daily
  • I really like Spotify, but cancelled my Premium membership a while back as it was no longer worth it to me. I suddenly got really into radio so that's what I mostly play in the car now - as well as a few CDs.
    If I'm at home and want to listen to something different or specific, I'll use the desktop version of Spotify Free, which has more freedom than it does on mobile. The ads don't bother me.
  • shortcrustshortcrust Forumite
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    I use amazon music (the unlimited one). I’ve got Alexa echo things all over the place so I use amazon music because it all works together. Spotify would also work but if it ain’t broke and all that.
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  • Google Play Music is a great platform for me, considering the price and quality ratio.
  • markoomarkoo Forumite
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    Google Play Music App Receives Continuous Instant Mixes,
    I try and state simple facts in a nice way.
  • I've only ever used two; Google Play Music when I first started streaming my music, and Spotify when I decided to switch for the student discount.
    I prefer Spotify in almost every way, although I do have to admit that it can take a while to get used to. It is more user-friendly now than it was before, but its layout may still take some time to learn.
    What I hate most about Spotify is how much it neglects Android phones. On Apple, you can swipe a song to the left to add it to the queue. While this is a small feature, it is massively helpful and is more convenient than having to hold your finger down on the song and pressing add to queue on android. The sooner this feature becomes available, the better.
  • interstellaflyerinterstellaflyer Forumite
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    googler wrote: »
    I don't "enjoy" music apps. I enjoy music. But I'm from the era before apps.

    Arguably it's music streaming services that are responsible for the dumbed down, poor quality, generic sounding, auto tuned, recorded and produced on a computer and written by a committee complete rubbish that dominates the charts now.
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  • monomemonome Forumite
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    More a service than an application, but I use Bandcamp. It's great for finding new artists in all sorts of genres - from classical to jazz to pop to noise - with a focus mainly on independent bands and labels.

    For playing files on my computer I use VLC. Looking for an alternative as I don't think its as good as its sometimes claimed to be.
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