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I want to create a spreadsheet which just adds up monthly amounts with no particular dates inputted justs by months so each amount I input is inputted as September and an amount of say 100 but its a continuous spreadsheet for my data inputting and then each month on the top with the totals for those months (if that makes sense).

Any help will be great, thanks.


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    easy way, just to get you started. Format the data into three columns like

    may-2018 tea 100
    may-2018 milk 200
    may-2018 bread 300
    June-2018 tea 100
    June-2018 milk 200
    June-2018 bread 300

    then use pivot table and group by the first column.
    Would think to make the whole first column as a named range, or range, rather than select individual cell ranges.

    youtube had loads of good pivot table explanations, but the basic function of a pivot table is to 'group by'
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