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I recently upgraded my virgin media package to include tv for a special offer for £43 a month. Not knowing much about the tv packages I went with the mixed bundle, I soon realised that the bundle didn't include HD channels or documentary channel etc.

I decided to ring up and see if I could change from mixed to the full house bundle and was quoted a discounted price of £60 a month for a 12 month contract with I thought was a good deal. They told me to wait 24 hours for the full house bundle to come on, 48 hours later and it didnt come on. I also noticed the next bill was going to be £66 for the next 12 months instead of the £60 that they quoted me!

I rang to ask what was going on and why has the price jumped up to £66 instead of £60, and a note had been put on my account that said I would be getting the discounted offer of £60 for the full house bundle for 12 month. but I was told that I was still on the mixed bundle and would be paying £66 a month.

When I asked them to honour the discounted deal I was offered of £60 a month they said no such deal is available and said it was human error and they cant do nothing about it! I then can I go back with the £43 I was originally paying and he said that deal doesn't exist anymore and I cant go back to it.

Has anyone else had simular trouble with Virgin Media before and what was your outcome?


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    If its within 14 days of the call, you should be able to cancel the contract change.

    Tell them this. Talk to their manager. Be strong.
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    hi, can anyone advise me please, I keep getting calls from someone claiming to be from a Halifax ppi centre on various different numbers the last being this morning from 08001697762.  I rang Halifax the other day and asked if anyone contacted me regarding ppi and was told that they had no knowledge of it.  Having googled the last number I am now confused as some people say its from a genuine firm.
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    This call is not from Virgin Media   just block it .
    Who are these Some People  suggest you get more information from them .
    Googling number shows it as not Halifax but a PPI claims cold call .
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    JJ_Egan said:
    This call is not from Virgin Media
    The poster never claimed it was - "I keep getting calls from someone claiming to be from a Halifax ppi centre".
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    I have just come off the phone with Virgin Media over my broadband, tv and phone deal that I did not agree to on 16th Oct 2020.

    My previous deal on account 420969801 had ended so I phoned Virgin to find a new deal, after plenty of bartering an agreement over the phone was agreed to of £89 p/mth which included sky sports and movies for 18mths, an increase of broadband speed from 100mbps to 200 mbps this was an increase of my previous package of £75 p/mth.

    When the contract came through on my email it showed a price of £95 p/mth so I used the Virgin complaints procedure to say that I did not agree to £95 p/mth.

    The following complaint numbers were raised.





    During these complaints, other matters arose

    On the 6th October we were left without any Virgin service for over 20hrs, my wife was working from home and was forced to take a days holiday because of this ( in monetary terms this had a value of £100.40) no compensation was offered and from my latest phone call they cannot offer any compensation?

    On 4/11/20 I phoned Virgin to try and resolve all the issues. I requested the recording of the phone call from the contract to which the person said he had downloaded it and was sending the recording to my email address, my wife witnessed this call.

    Unfortunately, there was no recording or email sent to me however I received a letter dated 11/11/20 saying that they could not find any recording and the contract was £95 p/mth.

    My wife and myself had been blatantly lied to by the phone call saying he had sent the recording when nothing had been done.

    I eventually wrote to the senior manager( as this was my next steps in the procedure) on the 27/11/20 to which I have never had a reply.

    I have paid 2 bills since this dispute and phoned Virgin retention’s dept on 4/1/21

    They could not find any recording of the agreed contract at £89 and said the contract was £95 p/mth, they could not offer any compensation for the losses incurred or for the way I had been dealt with.

    I asked to end the contract but they said there would be an early exit fee of over £240, how can this be right if I never agreed to the contact at £95.

    I am now stuck with a contact that I didn’t agree to for 18mths with no compensation package offered for how I have been treated, I have been with Virgin for over 23 yrs and never been treated like this before.

    My package is now being offered at £79 p/mth with a £200 credit to newcomers, I asked to be put on this without the £200 credit but they would not oblige.

    How can I get this resolved as I just keep going round in circles.


    Ray Owens

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    £100 compo for 20 hours downtime only likely if its a business account with service level agreements .
    Do you have any evidence of this £89 pm offer ??
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